Another Showrunner Abandons FlashForward

... FlashForward can't seem to keep a showrunner around. The ABC hit has lost yet another chief, with The Dark Knight writer David Goyer ditching the project in favor of his other stuff, whatever that is. This is the second showrunner to leave the sci-fi drama, which is not a good sign. A new boss has not been named. [THR]

... Michael Chiklis seems to have landed a solid role post-The Shield. After going down in legend as the morally corrupt cop Vic Mackey, he'll play the male lead in ABC's No Ordinary Family, about a normal clan that develops special powers. Chiklis' involvement immediately puts the show on my must-see list. [Variety]

... Zach Gilford, who plays Dillon High badass Matt Saracen on NBC's Friday Night Lights, has been tapped for the ABC drama pilot Matadors. The new show follows two rival families in Chicago, one tied to the District Attorney's office and the other to a high-powered law firm. It'll be nice to see Gilford branch out from his underrated acting game. []

... Lost's Daniel Dae Kim won't pack his bags like the rest of his castmates when Lost ends this season. He's staying put in Hawaii (where Lost is filmed) and will star in the CBS remake of Hawaii Five-O. Kim is the first of the Lost cast to decide on his next job. [THR]

... American Chopper, which I've seen exactly zero times, is done after this week's episode. Family in-fighting over the business among the Teutul clan is thought to be the cause. Ummm, isn't that what makes reality television go? "The Teutuls will always be a part of the Discovery family," said a rep. "Except in the sense that they are in no way part of Discovery," I added. [TMZ]

... Henry Winkler, who plays incredibly cool guys and bumbling lawyers with equal skill, is joining the cast of Royal Pains. He'll play the father of Hank and Evan on the USA show. I grade this casting an "Ayyyyyyyyyyyy!" [THR]

... Heroes creator and grave-digger Tim Kring is working on a new series for NBC titled III. The new show is about alternate world war where the US is invaded and WWIII grips the world. Several new characters will be unnecessarily introduced and the show will never be as good as it was in Season 1. Does this mean Heroes will be canceled? Probably. [io9]

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