Approach with Caution: Acorah Attempts to Contact Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson passed away four months ago but he's since gone on to release an almost-new single and a film based on his life. Is there anything thing the King of Pop can't do from the grave? Well, the PR machine keeping his spirit firmly, and unashamedly, alive is showing no sign of stopping as today Sky One revealed plans to summon his ghost for a live seance with sacked Most Haunted presenter Derek Acorah.

Sky is billing the shows as a chance for fans to "reconnect with their hero", but we suggest you don't get your hopes up with Achora at the helm. Like Jacko, we remain open-minded about the possibility of supernatural happenings, but we'll have trouble believing the man who was once tricked into 'receiving messages' from a fake ghost called Kafer Kreed (an anagram of Derek Faker). The stunt saw him axed from the ghost hunting show, Most Haunted, in 2005 and though he's gone on to present other, lesser-known, supernatural shows he has since dropped off the radar somewhat. We can't help feeling this latest endeavour is nothing more than yet another a blatant publicity stunt.

On announcing the show Sky's director of programmes, Stuart Murphy, admitted: "There's an insatiable appetite to find out more about Michael Jackson." Combine this with the healthy curiosity into the unknown, which attracted nearly 3 million people to Derren Brown's lottery-predicting stunt last month, and it looks like the show will be a ratings success whether you're a believer or not.

The two-part special, which airs in November, sees the TV psychic attempt to communicate with Jackson's spirit in a location "familiar to, and previously inhabited by" the recently deceased star. Old acquaintances of the singer will also attend including; his last biography author, Ian Halperin, Thriller video co-star, Ola Ray, and American medium, Bobby Marchesso. The hour-long shows will look back at Jackson's life as well as explain the practices behind the seance.

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