Archer Exclusive Clip: Our Favorite Animated Superspy Tries to Record His Book on Tape (VIDEO)

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TV's favorite cartoon secret agent returns to the airwaves next week, with Archer Season 4 scheduled to premiere on Thursday, January 17 at 10pm on FX. How timely, then, that Season 3 has just been released on Blu-ray and DVD—it's almost like it was planned or something!

Anyway, because half the fun of watching TV shows on DVD is in checking out the special features, we've got an exclusive look at what's included in this go-round, courtesy of our pals at FX. Please enjoy the clip below, featuring Archer's not-so-successful attempt to record his book on tape, How to Archer: The Ultimate Guide to Espionage and Style and Women and Also Cocktails Ever Written.

See you in the Danger Zone!

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