Archer: We Talk to the Cast About Superpowers and STDs (VIDEO)

Two weeks ago, as part of the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival in Brooklyn, most of the cast of Archer, plus series creator Adam Reed, got together to perform a live variety show. I caught up backstage with all of them (sans Jessica Walter and Chris Parnell, who both arrived just as the panel started, and Judy Greer, who didn’t make it at all) before they went on. Please excuse any interview-sloppiness: all we'd had that day was, like, six gummy bears and some scotch.

First, we meet H. Jon Benjamin (Sterling Archer), Aisha Tyler (Lana Kane), Lucky Yates (Dr. Krieger), and Amber Nash (Pam Poovey).

I try to ask them the worst interview question conceivable, and they rightly take me to task.

The conversation evolves into the classic discussion of, "If you could have any one superpower, what would it be?" But Lucky isn't buying Aisha's.

Adam Reed comes in, unaware that Jon Benjamin has already come and gone. After a questionable impersonation of Benjamin, Reed reveals a fact about Pam Poovey that you may not have picked up on while watching the show.

Finally, Amber gets Lucky to tell one of the grossest (true!) stories we’ve ever heard.

Thanks to Sarah Boatright for doing all the video. You can see more of her stuff here.

Archer airs Thursdays at 10:30pm on FX. Tonight's episode is the third in the show's three-part "Heart of Archness" special; the show will return for Season 3 in early 2012.
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Sep 30, 2011
Throat Gonorrhea - The food poisoning of sex. And here I thought I had it rough when I ate some funky Oysters.

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