Are You Ready for Comic-Con?

Comic-Con is finally here! Get into the spirit by watching some classic comic-based TV. Here are a few of our favorite episodes from's own archive.

Astro Boy (1980), "Astro's First Love"
Even Astro Boy can’t help but follow his heart. Not even his superpowers can keep him from being a hopeless romantic.

Spider-Man (2003), "Sword of Shikata"
In this series, the one and only Neil Patrick Harris plays Spider-Man, and Gina Gershon and Lisa Loeb also hold starring roles. Talk about casting a web of awesomeness!

The Tick, "The Terror"
In this episode, the Tick, a mostly capable superhero, needs some help—so he hires a wannabe detective to help him fight crime.

What are some of your favorite comics-turned-TV-shows?

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