Arrested Development movie closer to development

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Rumor after rumor of an Arrested Development movie have hit the Web ever since the show was canceled in 2006. It's almost gotten to the point where even hardcore fans roll their eyes at each tease about a movie deal, but recent reports claim that the latest is the most rock solid of them all.

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz and executive producer Ron Howard are allegedly this close (picture a thumb and forefinger just a wee bit apart) to finalizing a movie deal with Fox Searchlight and Imagine, says The Hollywood Reporter. Previously, it was merely cast members that mentioned a movie was in the works without any solid intel to back it up.

According to E! Online, the movie has been budgeted at $15 million (with its many location shots and quick cuts, Arrested Development was on the expensive side of things, particularly for a comedy, and this was allegedly a main reason the show was canceled).

While this all sounds fantastic, there is one catch. One of the original cast members hasn't signed on to do the movie, and may not participate at all. Sources aren't naming names, but the smart money is on Michael Cera, who played young George Michael Bluth, as he was previously quoted as saying the movie wasn't being made and shouldn't be made.

An Arrested Development last! (No jinx! Knock on wood...)

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