Arrested Development: Watch the Trailer for the Show's Return (VIDEO)

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I'm still convinced that the return of Arrested Development is but a dream. But Netflix is doing its best to pinch me so I'll believe otherwise. Hey, stop it, Netflix! 

Tonight, the (network? streaming video service? incredible fantasy TV machine?) made its strongest argument yet that the incredible comedy really is coming back by releasing a Season 4 trailer with the most new footage of the series that we've seen. 

I've been purposely setting my expectations for the return of Arrested Development as low as I can to ease my fear of disappointment, but dammit, this trailer, which doesn't exactly set the world on fire, still has me a tad more excited than I'm trying to be. And how does almost everyone look like they haven't aged in the seven years that the show's been off the air? 

All 15 episodes of Season 4 will be released May 26 on Netflix.

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