Arrested's George Michael making Web show

Michael Bluth would be proud.

Michael Cera, who played George Michael Bluth in Fox's cult sitcom Arrested Devlopment, has signed up to create a scripted series for CBS broadband site Innertube. The show, titled The Good Life, will be written and produced by star Cera.

Good Life will be a mockumentary about two TV executives who delude themselves about the quality of their new TV project. CBS has committed to eight episodes.

CBS has been beefing up its Innertube site this month, sending canceled series Smith to finish its run and airing passed-on pilot The Papdits. Good Life is the first original scripted show the network has green-lit for Innertube with a Hollywood-style talent deal attached.

Cera played the son of Jason Bateman's Michael Bluth in Development. The show ran for three seasons, winning Emmys and accolades but never generating high ratings. Fox pulled the plug in Decmeber 2005.

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