Arrow: Who Is Vigilante?

Arrow recently shocked viewers by revealing that Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) isn't Vigilante, as many fans assumed, but that the D.A. is actually Prometheus! With Adrian off the table, viewers are now left scratching their heads trying to figure out who the ruthless new Star City crime-fighter is.

It turns out they'll have to wait quite a while longer before figuring out Vigilante's true identity. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim recently revealed that we won't learn who's under the mask until Season 6.

"We talked a lot about it in the writers' room," Guggenheim told at PaleyFest. "We know who it is. We know who's underneath the mask. And we got excited about the possibility of playing out that mystery a little longer. Apart from the flashbacks, we really haven't had a mystery that stretched over seasons. So we're like, you know what? We've got a lot going on in Season 5. We're going to save this for Season 6."

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But who wants to wait that long? Let's look at our top five Vigilante suspects right now!

Captain Pike (Adrian Holmes): In the comics, Vigilante's alter ego is typically a civil servant, which is why anyone in law enforcement automatically rises to the top of our list of suspects. Adding credence to this theory is that when the SCPD chief learned that Oliver covered up Billy Malone's death, Pike proved he was more than willing to bend the rules if it meant protecting the city. Pike has also been around since the first season, which means he's seen some serious sh-- go down. We would completely understand if he grew disillusioned with the system in the years since Genesis Day and decided to take matters into his own hands.

Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne): Remember when Lance briefly thought that he might be Prometheus? What if that wasn't just a frame job by Adrian Chase and Lance was actually doing a little after-hours work? If Arrow revealed that Lance was Vigilante, it would be a major bait-and-switch sure to shock viewers, but the show would have a hard time convincing viewers Lance has become that unhinged. Not to mention, Lance was in the limo once when Vigilante attacked it. Although he could always have some help in his masked endeavors.

Dorian Chase: In the comics, after the death of Adrian Chase, his brother Dorian picks up the mantle of Vigilante. There's a chance Arrow would want to pay homage to this by revealing that, while Adrian is Prometheus, his brother Dorian is Vigilante. Not only would this be one epic sibling rivalry, but if Dorian is Adrian's twin, it would give Arrow an excuse to keep the charismatic Josh Segarra around longer. Of course, revealing Vigilante to be Adrian's brother could also come off like a ridiculous soap opera twist that would feel more cheesy than exciting.

Susan Williams (Carly Pope): There is something about this cunning journalist that we just DO. NOT. TRUST! First of all, she's either a really terrible reporter or isn't actually a reporter at all, because if her intentions truly were to investigate and expose Oliver's secret identity, then sleeping him would be a major no-no. In the episode "Bratva," Arrow also dropped major hints that Susan has connections to Russia, so maybe she's undercover in Star City working for the Russian mob. Either way, Susan is clearly not what she seems, so why not have her be Vigilante? Arrow could use a female Big Bad after all. (Although yes, we know, she was also at Oliver's press conference when Vigilante attacked, but she could always have a partner. This is a world in which superpowers exist, so let's not be too close-minded.)

The real Adrian Chase: The parallels between Prometheus and Zoom are all-too clear. They both introduced themselves using names of old superheroes (Jay Garrick and Adrian Chase), but were later exposed to be villains (Hunter Zolomon and Simon Morrison). Eventually, The Flash revealed that there is a real Jay Garrick and he isn't a villain; he's a hero! So will the same turn out to be true for Vigilante, and he will be the real Adrian Chase? It's a bit confusing, we know, but when has that ever stopped Arrow from doing something before?

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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Mar 29, 2017
Vigilante's mask had a cameo in last night's Legends. So presumably Damien at least knows what he really looks like.

Mar 28, 2017
Yeah.. Sorry but not buying it. What company would admit that "oh yeah, we are just making shit up as we go". They ALWAYS claim they have some plan in advanced. It's almost always BS (some notable exceptions - B5)

Heck, didn't they originally say last season they knew who the person in the grave was then suddenly at a much later interview flat out said they had no idea until mid season?

Also, you say that if it's Adrian's twin brother would make it too much of a soap opera... Umm... Have you seen the show lately? It IS a soap opera for crying out loud.
Mar 28, 2017
I'd suggest that Paul Holt is also a possible suspect. He fits the general body type, has a grudge against vigilantes (since he lost Curtis because of Green Arrow), and a grudge against criminals in general (since they endanger Curtis). Vigilante also seemed curiously ineffectual against Mr. Terrific when the two fought

And Paul could easily figure out that Oliver = Green Arrow. So Oliver basically admitting that Green Arrow killed Billy could have driven Paul from dislike (Curtis teaming up with Oliver = he's lost Curtis) to hate (Oliver/Arrow is a killer.)

Mar 28, 2017
The main thing to keep in mind, IMO, is that Vigilante tried to kill Oliver once Oliver publicly said that he covered up the Arrow's involvement in Billy's death. That means that Vigilante is a) s someone who doesn't know the real circumstances of Billy's death and Prometheus engineering it (which excludes Quentin), and b) someone who isn't big on Oliver doing it (which excludes Pike).

The fact that Vigilante attacked Oliver in his limo would also seem to exclude anyone in Oliver's inner circle (i.e., Quentin), since there were other places Vigilante could have attacked Oliver if he knew he was Green Arrow. Like anytime Arrow is on the way to the bunker.

That theory excludes multiple personalities, hallucinations, and so on.\