Ashton Kutcher is Already TV's Highest-Paid Actor

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... Ashton Kutcher isn't just taking over Charlie Sheen's role on Two and a Half Men, he's taking Charlie's slot as TV's most overpaid highest-paid actor. And that's before a single episode of his has aired. Kutcher will make $700,000 per episode this season, or as Charlie Sheen called it: about enough to pay for drugs and hookers over a two-night "light holiday" in Vegas. In case you were wondering, Sheen made $1.2 million per episode before he was fired, so CBS got a real bargain in Kutcher. [TV Guide]

... A pair of House executive producers, Garrett Lerner and Russel Friend, are working on a new NBC show that also features a shambling, lanky, grumpopotamus. The duo is working on a drama featuring a modern-day Frankenstein. Might I suggest Bachelor Brad Womack to play the lead? [Deadline Hollywood]

... It's about time that we, as Americans, yelled at our own snot-nosed brats instead of relying on some Brit to do it. Lifetime has ordered America's Supernanny, a new version of the ABC show Supernanny that featured UK star Jo Frost as a pro who adjusted the attitudes of tantrum-throwin' rugrats. Maybe this new American supernanny will make the kids brush their teeth for a change. Stereotypes... fun! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Chuck continues to cast from the Comic-Con set, nabbing two actors who appeared in Lost and Smallville. Jeff Fahey, who unironically wore Hawaiian shirts on Lost as Frank Lapidus, and Justin Hartley, who played the Green Arrow on Smallville, will both be appearing in the second episode of Chuck. [TV Line]

... Body of Proof's Dana Delaney is trying to return to Desperate Housewives to wrap up her storyline as Katherine Mayfair. Better do it quick, girl! [NBC]

... Scott Wolf will guest star on the upcoming season of NCIS, playing FBI agent Casey Stratton (now that's a solid FBI-sounding name!). He'll potentially recur on the procedural, which would mean he could make ends meet without having to appear at Jimmy Goodman's 2nd Annual V Convention, featuring Jimmy Goodman and Scott Wolf having an awkward dinner at the Charlotte Holiday Inn. [TV Line]

... Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is working on a new project for ABC. ASP (as we call her) is adapting the 2002 novel The Nanny Diaries for television (it was previously made into a movie). The book follows nannies who work for rich Manhattanites. [TV Guide]

... In more adaptation news, ABC is looking to adapt The Lincoln Lawyer into a television show. I object! [Variety]

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