August 23, 2005 DVD Releases


The O.C.

The Complete Second Season

California, here we come! The O.C.'s second season has arrived on DVD--just in time for fans to catch up before the third season premieres on Thursday, September 8.

The second season of Fox's hit teen soap serves up even more passion, drama, and laughter than the first. We learn more about Ryan, Marissa, Summer, Seth, and the rest of the characters as they grow, change, and react to the fallout of their past decisions. Ryan's brother Trey arrives in Newport Beach; Sandy and Kirsten's perfect marriage begins to crumble; and Marissa gets creative with her love life. Plotlines thicken and tension increases, all leading up to the explosive season finale.

This seven-disc set includes 24 great episodes, audio commentaries, the extended creator's cut of "The Rainy Day Women," a gag-and-goof reel, a documentary titled Beachy Couture: How O.C. Fashion is Made, and a retrospective TV special titled The O.C.--Obsess Completely.

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Six Feet Under

The Complete Fourth Season

HBO's funeral-home drama is back for a fourth season, and things are darker than ever. Everyone is reeling after Lisa's death, and the remaining characters must rearrange their lives to go on without her. Claire, Ruth, and Brenda are still dealing with the consequences of their past behavior; Nate plunges to the depths of mourning; and David has a terrifying and life-changing encounter with a hitchhiker.

This five-disc set comes with writer and director commentary on no fewer than seven of the 12 included episodes, an exclusive Bob Costas interview with the cast, exclusive deleted scenes, and the mini-documentary Cut by Cut: Editing Six Feet Under, which gives us an insider's look at the creation of a Six Feet Under episode.

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Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection

Fox's latest single-disc collection features the four best episodes of Futurama as chosen by executive producers Matt Groening and David X. Cohen. Visit the animated future of New York City with Fry, the cryogenically frozen pizza boy who was accidentally thawed in the year 3000, and spend time with a motley crew of aliens and robots working for an intergalactic delivery service.

"Hell is Other Robots," "Anthology of Interest I," "Roswell That Ends Well," and "The Sting" are episodes riotous enough to keep you laughing for hours, but just in case you want a little more, Fox has thrown in a few great extras. Groening and Cohen are joined by the Futurama cast and crew for a special introduction; each episode has its own additional introduction; and the full-length "animatic" of "Hell is Other Robots" features optional commentary by Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, Claudia Katz, Rich Moore, John DiMaggio (voice of Bender), and Billy West (voice of Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Dr. Zoidberg, and more).

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Boy Meets World

The Complete Third Season

Corey, Topanga, and Shawn are back in action for a third season of Boy Meets World, and love, terror, and laughs await them around every corner of their high-school halls. Principal and neighbor Mr. Feeney offers wise and caustic advice--whether the teens like it or not--and always seems to know just what trouble they've been up to.

This season, Corey and Topanga officially launch their romantic relationship. As one might imagine, the road is not always smooth--and Shawn is always on hand to dig a few extra potholes. Big brother Eric is featured more prominently as he approaches graduation and worries about college, and teacher Jonathan Turner wants to make his guardianship of Shawn official.

This three-disc set features 22 episodes, including classics such as "My Best Friend's Girl," "The Grass is Always Greener," and "The Happiest Show on Earth." Guest stars like Brittany Murphy, Mena Suvari, and Davy Jones keep things interesting enough to make up for the lack of extras. It's time for this Boy to meet your DVD player!

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Season Two

When wisecracking alien Gordon Shumway crash-landed in the Tanner family's backyard, they knew their lives would never be boring--or easy--again. Dubbed ALF (Alien Life Form) by Willie Tanner, the furry traveler with a cat fetish moved into the family's home and quickly won a place in their hearts--but neighbors the Ochmoneks were instantly suspicious.

Since ALF is no longer airing on US television, fans should be thrilled with the chance to watch all 26 hilarious episodes on this four-disc set. The second season of ALF includes memorable episodes like "ALF's Christmas Special," "Someone to Watch Over Me," and the "Gilligan's Island Special"--complete with guest stars Bob Denver, Alan Hale, Russell Johnson, and Dawn Wells.

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Life As We Know It

The Complete Series

Life As We Know It, Fox's drama about a group of sex-obsessed teenagers navigating the turbulent waters of adolescence, was based on a novel by British author Melvin Burgess. Starring Kelly Osbourne, Missy Peregrym, Chris Lowell, Sean Faris, and D.B. Sweeney, the show presented believable characters dealing with the realities of love, relationships, and betrayal in the hazardous atmosphere of a Seattle high school.

Though American producers toned down the book's raunchiness for the television series, it still drew fire from the FCC and various conservative groups. Due perhaps to this, or to stiff Thursday-night competition from The O.C., the series was canceled after just one season. Here's your first chance to get Life As We Know It on DVD!

These three discs include all 14 episodes of Life--including the two that never made it to air. Cast interviews, deleted scenes, outtakes, and a photo gallery round out the set nicely. Bring a little Life into your living room!

Get the Life As We Know It DVD here!

Once & Again

The Complete Second Season

Once again, Once & Again is available on DVD. Single parents Lily (Sela Ward) and Rick (Billy Campbell) have decided to commit to each other and forge a long-term relationship, but of course life's daily disasters keep things interesting. Troubles with work and money hound Lily and Rick as they attempt to blend their two very different families, and the teenage children confront their own triumphs and obstacles with very realistic angst.

Season two of Once & Again found writers visiting the darker corners of love and family. Deftly woven plotlines and a host of peripheral characters mirror the complexity of modern life.

Bittersweet episodes like "Feast or Famine," "Learner's Permit," and "Thieves Like Us" will provide you with untold hours of laughter, tears, and fun, and this five-disc set includes a nice surprise--several exclusive extras that are still unannounced!

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Season One

Veteran cop Pete Malloy (Martin Milner) partners with rookie Jim Reed (Kent McCord) in Adam-12, NBC's no-frills police drama that aired from 1968-1975. The show gave viewers a realistic look at the daily experiences of average Los Angeles police officers in a pre-Rodney King world, when integrity and diplomacy were valued more than brute force. Adam-12 was shot on location in LA, and it is a nostalgic pleasure to join Malloy and Reed as they navigate the streets of the growing metropolis.

From the action-packed premiere, in which Malloy is tempted to turn in his badge forever, you're sure to be hooked on Adam-12. This two-disc set contains a full 26 episodes--that's an astounding 647 minutes of traffic violations, noise complaints, assault, drugs, and murder! Officers Malloy and Reed invite you into their faithful black and white patrol car for a ride back to simpler times. Enjoy!

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Season One

If your Adam-12 DVD experience leaves you craving more 1970s-style crisis management, never fear, for Emergency! is racing toward your DVD player faster than an ambulance at top speed! This groundbreaking series was based on the real experiences of the paramedics at the emergency program that was founded in Los Angeles in 1969 and is credited with inspiring countless young Americans to enter the police, fire, and rescue forces.

The first season of Emergency! covers car accidents, a botulism outbreak, a mile-high heart attack, a raging wildfire, and plenty of other catastrophes. Handsome paramedic John Gage (Randolph Mantooth), his partner Roy DeSoto (Kevin Tighe), and the competent Doctor Joe Early (Bobby Troup) are joined by a talented ensemble cast who succeeded in motivating America's cities to establish lifesaving EMT services. Visit Rampart Hospital for 11 remastered episodes, plus a bonus episode of Adam-12!

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Good Times

The Complete Fifth Season

Good Times was a Maude spin-off about housekeeper Florida Evans (Esther Rolle) and her family, who struggled with life in a Chicago ghetto. Though the series was by and large a comedy, it covered heavy subjects such as drug use, gang violence, child abuse, and more. Good Times' special combination of laughter and tears left a profound impact on viewers, and made it one of the most-loved series of the 1970s.

Season five found the Evans brood fending for themselves after Esther Rolle temporarily left the show. Kindly neighbor Willona Woods (Ja'net DuBois) steps in to look after the kids and soon finds herself with one extra child in the apartment--Penny Gordon (Janet Jackson), a magnetic girl with an abusive mother. Willona and the kids struggle with racism, poverty, love, and loss as they attempt to bring Penny into their family for good. This boxed set of three discs includes all 23 episodes of Good Times' second season. Good Times--ain't we lucky we got 'em?

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What's Happening!!

The Complete Third Season

What's Happening!!--loosely based on the movie Cooley High--joined the ranks of popular urban sitcoms on August 5, 1976. Raj, Dwayne, Rerun, and their families meet peaks and pitfalls as they make their way through life in their lower-middle-class neighborhood.

This third, last, and highest-rated season of What's Happening!! finds Raj and Rerun fresh out of high school and sharing an apartment near Dwayne's home. Rerun tries life as a gainfully employed young man, while Raj struggles to adjust to college. Girls, money, and neighborhood politics occupy the trio's thoughts in classic episodes like "Shirley's Cookies," "Raj Moves Out," and "The Benefit Show." This boxed set includes three discs, 22 episodes, and more laughs than you'll know what to do with. We know what will be Happening on your DVD player this week!

Watch a clip from the What's Happening!! DVD here!

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Codename: Kids Next Door

File Two

The Kids Next Door, a group of five fantastic 10-year-old kids, are out to free all children from the rule of tyrannical grown-ups and teenagers. Numbuhs 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 battle the dark forces of Mr. Boss, the Toilenator, teenage ex-KND operatives, and the scheming Father and his evil brood--The Delightful Children From Down the Lane. With a little help from friends, siblings, and a few very special hamsters, the KND are sure to save the day.

Check out eight action-packed episodes on this great new DVD, and don't miss out on a very exciting extra: The disc includes exclusive hints for KND Operation: VIDEOGAME for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and Xbox. Also featured is a Cartoon Network bonus toon titled Foster's Help for Imaginary Friends.

Get the Codename: Kids Next Door DVD here!

ABC After School Specials

Collector's Set

Martin Tashe's ABC After School Specials began airing in 1972. The anthology-style series of one-hour installments covered topics that weighed heavily upon the minds of our country's preteens. From divorce and drug use to racism and mental illness, there was an After School Special for every subject that one's parents might have neglected to bring up.

Many of the Specials were based on popular children's novels about average kids facing difficult situations. They were often viewed as hokey and melodramatic, but the fact remains that generations of young people were unable to tear their eyes from the screen. They may have watched After School Specials with the blinds drawn and an alibi prepared, but watch they did--and now is your chance to watch again! This comprehensive 13-disc set includes all 26 of Martin Tashe's Specials, along with two episodes that have never been seen before--"The Dog Days of Arthur Crane" and "Picking Up the Pieces."

Get Mom to bake some oatmeal cookies, pour yourself an ice-cold glass of milk, and settle down on the rug for some wholesome yet relevant After School fun!

Watch a clip from the ABC After School Specials DVD here!

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six feet under is awesome
kids next door rock!
Oh and Life As We Know It was on ABC, that was an error obviously. And theres only 13 episodes not 14. I wish there was 14 though. And Boy Meets World is an awesome show I love that they are finally putting it out on DVD. I was sad to see this show go too.
Life As We Know It never should have been canceled! I bought the DVD yesterday and the last 2 episodes where great. And the last one ends on a cliffhanger hanger. Maybe DVD sales will be go great that it can make a comeback like Family Guy. So everyone go out and buy a copy, it's worth it!! The only thing I had a problem with was the music, some of the songs were changed and some of them were my favorites. But the bonus stuff rocked and you'll have a blast watching it, and you'll yell at the tv because the show was canceled. So again I say go out and buy the DVD!
This pisses me off!! They don't have the complete series of Final Fantasy: Unlimited! Or the fourth volume of Dragon Ball Z (Uncut)!! Both of which came out today.
the OC is bad but Boy Meets World isn't??? hahahha. that's hilarious. actually, both shows leave a lot to be desired IMHO.
Once again the OC is shoved down our throats. Can I just say that the OC is the worst show on TV. I'm glad to see Boy Meets World there. Now that is a good show.
Adam-12 and Emergency...time to relive my childhood!

I wonder if Good Times will go back up to Number one now that there are new DVDs out for it.
ALF season 2 im gonna get but in canada for some reason today its not out! i am going to get it through. The OC ****s!
really lol

yes futurama
DId you know the guy behind alf was caught shooting heroin and having gay sex on camera
Hooray for more Futurama goodness! (Even if itn is only in the form of a "best of" disk)
still waiting for Veronica Mars
alot of goodies this week !!
I thought "Life As We Know It" aired on ABC...
Skip ALF, watch Ben Stiller in Permanent Midnight instead.
Emergency! there's an oldie that hasn't been seen in a very long time......

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