AusNTM 2011 Recap: Episode 9 - Petty in Pink

We recap episode nine of Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 7.

This week, the girls walk around in trash and roll around in pink paint. So, just the usual, then.

Breast Friends

The episode begins with Sarah Murdoch randomly showing up in a really unflattering outfit, we guess to prove that she really is the "host" of this show.

She announces that the girls will be having a Girl's Night In -- the breast cancer-supporting charity event. To take a sentence out from the snark, it's fantastic to see this show supporting such a great cause. Sarah brings along one of her friends, who had a preventative double mastectomy at age 25, due to the high rate of breast cancer within her family. They talk to the girls about the cause and the charity, and then they leave the girls to their night in. Before Sarah goes, though, she announces that some "familiar faces" will be joining them.

Madeline says, "As soon as we heard 'familiar faces', we were like, please don't just be Charlotte." Aw. We were kind of hoping for Charlotte.

Without further ado, Sarah brings in each girl's BFF or sister. What is this, Survivor? Do we really need a family episode?

Montana and her sister look scarily alike. Check it out!

Maybe Ally, 20, "Montana's sister", will be in the show next cycle. So, the girls spend the night squealing and crying and yelling "OMG!" They also look at their own pictures from throughout the comp on the TV, because they're not at all way too into themselves.

Izzy's BFF has hair just like hers. So, it's not her individual "thing", after all? More like a gang thing, then.

The girls stay up all night having pillow fights or whatever, and, on the following morning, the loved ones are torn away from the bosoms of their better-looking siblings/friends. The model wannabes chase wildly after the van, desperate to continue proper human contact.

Walking back inside, the girls immediately get a Sarah Mail that says something about one person's treasure being another person's trash (doesn't that saying go the other way around?).

Madeline's immediate reaction: "I hope we get to dress up as real trash-bags." Yeah, we bet you do.

Trashy Tramps

They're actually taken to the rubbish tip, where they're met by Charlotte Dawson and Adam Williams (their walking instructor from several weeks ago -- you know, when Madeline was complaining about ruining her ugly shoes?). Char-Char, as the girls now call her, jumps off a tip truck, which is sort of a cool entrance. That woman can make anything look glamorous.

Which, incidentally, is the theme of this challenge!

Adam and Charlotte announce that the girls will have to model in outfits made of trash -- and they'll have to tramp through the middle of the Strand Arcade in Sydney's Pitt Street.

Izzy's outfit, for instance, is made out of multicoloured wigs, which she assures us is totally her "thing". Much like coffins were, we guess. And pink hair. She has a lot of "things". Montana's dress is made out of recycled garbage bags.

Simone describes her outfit for us: "I kind of looked like prisoner slash scarecrow slash, like, farmer slash someone going to the beach." Totally.

Charlotte says about Liz: "I've modelled some rubbish in my time, but I've never looked that good." We're glad to hear the girls are getting better at modelling on the catwalk ... or are they?

"Rachel without a doubt had the worst walk," says Izzy, with a disgusted look on her face. "She had her hand on her hip, and her head was just kind of bobbling everywhere and she just looked bored." These girls teach us how to be kind and compassionate, don't they?

Adam then reveals that he still hates Madeline from when she gave him the attitude about ruining her shoes on the beach. "I hope she realises that you only get to meet people for the first time once." Guess he's not over it.

Izzy wins in the end, because she shows fierce '40s attitude, which "transports you" while watching her walk in her wig dress ... or something.

The girls go home and immediately get another Sarah Mail, telling them that tomorrow they will be "a blank canvas". The girls all jump up and down with excitement, even though they don't know what it means. Strait-laced Rachel hopes that they won't have to pose nude.

Painting the Roses Pink

They won't be posing nude. The next day at Luxe studios, their mentor, Josh Flinn, announces that they will be wearing beige undergarments and a wig, and will be rolled in paint. To tie in with breast-cancer awareness, the paint in which the girls will be slathered in is hot pink.

The photographer who will be subjected to their inane, petty chattering is Simon Upton, who has worked with the likes of Cindy Crawford, Eva Longoria and Naomi Watts.

The wigs that the girls are forced to wear are kind of strange; some of them are a pleasant ash blonde, like Hazel's, but others are full-on grandma grey. "Granny chic, I would call it," says Simone, who's first up.

"I feel pretty good about wearing paint, 'cos you're never gonna wear paint again. Well, I don't know, you might..." she says.

"I feel like I'm in like a teenage boy's dream right now," says Hazel, as she rolls through the trough of pink paint.

In the end, the girls all do a good job -- except for Madeline, whose body is the "least strong", according to the photographer. She's also whiney, according to us. Montana, however, does so well that Josh gives her a hug at the end, pink paint and all!

"This s*** better be water-based," says he.

Amazing Hazel

Sarah really stepped up her involvement in the show this week (she must have read our comments in the last recap about never being in it): she turned up at the house, sent two Sarah Mails and she has her usual judgemental slot on the elimination panel.

Simone's first up, again. We wonder whether they've always been judged in the order in which they posed, and we've just never noticed?


"I don't like my face but I like my body," says Simone in her opening statement.

"You look expensive!" exclaims Charlotte.

"I can't believe I've lived 17 years of being cheap, and now I'm expensive," says Simone.

Rachel likes her own photo, but Char-Char shoots her down: "I think it's a really unsuccessful picture. You're awkward." Alex Perry disagrees, leading to an intense argument between Charlotte and Alex about whether Rachel fulfilled the brief or not.

Hazel's photo is great; all of the judges say that it's amazing. "Your new name is Amazel!" screams Charlotte enthusiastically.

It's Liz's turn to be judged, and the panel makes fun of her for taking fashion cues from Bindi Irwin. They're impressed with her photo, however, and especially with her body in it, so she walks triumphantly back to join the other girls. "Bye, Bindi!" Charlotte calls after her.

"I really like it!" says Madeline about her own photo. But the judges hate it. They say it's "halfway". That's their polite way of saying "you're half-assed, man", we guess. They absolutely love Montana's photo, though -- she looks divine, as usual.

They say that Rachel's whole pose looks accidental, and that they've already seen the best of Izzy; she ain't gonna get any better, apparently.

So who will go home?

Madeline, that's who. Yay!

Pink factor: 10/10
The-right-person-was-voted-out factor: 10/10

Australia's Next Top Model airs 7:30pm Mondays on Fox8.

See last week's rundown here, and come back next week for the latest recap!

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