Aussie horror The Tunnel launches as torrent

Aussie film-makers have rediscovered the horror genre after a break of 20 or so years, despite cinematic distribution being a real disincentive for self-produced horror films.

However, a group of film-makers from Sydney have found a new way to release their film -- via BitTorrent -- and are selling individual film frames for a dollar each in order to fund it.

This technique has worked in the past for bands like Radiohead, who asked fans to "pay what they thought it was worth" for the MP3s of In Rainbows.

The Tunnel, which was directed by Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey with executive producer Andrew Denton, will be officially launched Wednesday night at a Popcorn Taxi event at Bondi Junction (sold out, sorry) and released simultaneously on BitTorrent. Get The Tunnel here.

The film is a "found footage" horror in the vein of Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project, and follows a news team who are shooting a story in the sewers beneath Sydney.

While there have been a number of overseas films released as legal torrents, including Big Buck Bunny, this is the first time for an Australian film to be distributed this way.

Why not throw the film-makers some money and buy a few frames?

Or, you can buy a copy of the DVD, which includes an alternate ending.

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