Aussie News Briefs

We take a look at this week's TV news, channel by channel!


Ten has announced a new TV line-up for Sundays, starting 22 January, which it has creatively titled "Super Sunday":

6pm: The Project

6.30pm: Young Talent Time, hosted and judged by Rob Mills, Tina Arena and choreographer Chucky Klapow

7.30pm: new episodes of Modern Family

8pm: New Girl, starring the "adorkable" Zooey Deschanel

8.30pm: Homeland, starring Claire Danes

Meanwhile, The Biggest Loser: Singles will be launching on Monday, 23 January, airing at 7pm Monday through Thursday. This means that hour-long comedic news show The Project is moving to 6pm on weeknights.


Foxtel is launching new channel A&E; on 16 February (HD channel 607; SD channel 230). It will feature new Aussie show MegaTruckers, plus new US seasons of Storage Wars, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Billy the Exterminator, Pawn Stars, American Hoggers, American Pickers, Big Shrimpin', Swamp People, Axe Men and Ice Road Truckers.


An Audience with the Cast of Annie will be airing on Bio at 6.30pm, 22 January.


Australia's international cycling race, Santos Tour Down Under, which takes place in South Australia, will air on Nine between 15 - 22 January.

The Comedy Channel

"Baby" John Burgess is joining the cast of Balls of Steel Australia. Season 2 premieres at 9.30pm on Tuesday, 31 January.

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Jan 12, 2012
They're even showing HOMELAND here in the Netherlands! The last few years networks here have been pretty quick to adopt cool new shows. And not far behind on episodes either. Not like back in the olden days when shows would run here several seasons behind the originals. I think downloading/streaming might have something to do with that.
Jan 12, 2012
Ok, so we're 9 episodes behind the US for New Girl and 12 for Homeland, but at least their going to be shown on prime time TV