Aussie News Briefs

We take a look at this week's Australian TV news, channel by channel.



Sherlock's brilliant season two is coming to Australian TV! Join Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as they solve crimes in modern-day London.

Airs: Wednesday, 15 February, 8.30pm AEDST


Alcatraz, a spooky thriller starring Sam Neill and Lost's Jorge Garcia, is finally starting on Australian television.

Airs: Monday, 13 February, 8.30pm AEDST

2 Broke Girls

After 500 ads showing us just how sassy Kat Dennings' character in 2 Broke Girls is, the show is finally airing for the first time in Australia. Tune in to see her hilarious, street-smart antics on Valentine's Day!

Airs: Tuesday, 14 February, 8.00pm AEDST

Australia's Funniest Home Video Show

Whether you wanted it or not, Australia's Funniest Home Video Show is back this week. Hosted by the cute Shelley Craft, the show will present ... um ... Australia's funniest home videos.

Airs: Saturday, 11 February, 6.30pm AEDST



New sci-fi drama Touch, starring Kiefer Sutherland, will be coming to Ten later this year. The show features a creepy little boy who writes down never-ending numbers, because he can "see the pattern" of the way everyone on the planet fits together. The little boy has never spoken a word, and spends his free time climbing mobile-phone towers and setting all the clocks in his house to 3.18. Oh my gosh, so do we!

Airs: later this year


The Unbelievable Truth

Seven has announced the production of a new show called The Unbelievable Truth, which will star The Chaser's War on Everything's Julian Morrow, Craig Reucassel and Andrew Hansen, as well as British comedian Graeme Garden (who has actually been a guest on the show's original British radio counterpart). The show will be a game where guests will attempt to make each other believe lies--and doubt the truth.

Filming: this week; free tickets to be in the studio audience can be booked here.

Dancing With the Stars

Ex-Spice Girl and current Jenny Craig spokesperson Mel B will be joining Daniel MacPherson as co-host of Dancing With the Stars when it returns to TV later this year. Mel B was a finalist in the US version of Dancing With the Stars in 2007.

Airs: later this year


On the anniversary of the Australian Government's apology to the Aboriginal community, Bio will be airing part two of Who We Are, showing inspirational stories of Indigenous sportsmen and sportswomen.

Airs: Monday, 13 February, 8.30pm AEDST

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Feb 13, 2012
Mel B on DWTS! The horror!