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Ten's new breakfast show (titled Breakfast, incidentally) had a surprise launch on Thursday morning. The show was supposed to premiere on Monday next week, but Ten just couldn't hold on any longer (read: needs morning ratings ASAP). Tune in on weekdays to see the hosts discuss all sorts of breakfasty news!

Airs: weekdays, 6am AEDST

The Biggest Loser

Not content with blasting Excess Baggage out of the water, Ten has added yet another new element to The Biggest Loser. Ex-contestant Sammy Fisher (who came fourth in the 2009 season) will hang out with each week's eliminated contestants, taking them shopping and giving them makeovers to keep them "inspired" to lose weight even after they've been unmercifully kicked off prime-time TV.

Airs: Fridays, 7pm AEDST


The 84th Academy Awards

Tune in to the Oscars live to see The Artist take home every single award and Sacha Baron Cohen make everyone uncomfortable (assuming they let him go).

Airs: Monday, 27 February, 10am AEDST


Seven is on a winning streak, with My Kitchen Rules winning the ratings every single night. Every single night!! Isn't Australia getting bored of cooking shows yet?

Airs: Seven, Monday-Thursday, 7.30pm AEDST

Show of the week

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Lady detective Phryne Fisher (immortalised in the books by author Kerry Greenwood) is hot on the trail of wife poisoners, cocaine smugglers, abortion butchers and shady policemen in this first episode of the new series.

Airs: ABC, Friday, 24 February, 8.30pm AEDST

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Feb 25, 2012
I hope Channel 10 let the Breakfast Show have a bit of time to build up a following. Watched Miss Fisher last night and loved it!

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