Aussie News Briefs

We take a brief look at this week's Australian TV news.


The Great Mint Swindle

This new drama is based on the true story of Australia's most infamous (and still unsolved) gold heist, which took place at the Perth Mint. Starring Grant Bowler, Todd Lasance and Josh Quong Tart as the Mickelberg brothers, and Shane Bourne and John Batchelor as the main police officers involved, it sounds like it could be a pretty interesting show to watch.

Airs: Sunday, 11 March, 8.30pm AEDST

The Farmer Wants a Wife

Applications are open for desperate farmers wanting to be on TV, and, to a lesser extent, wanting wives. Apply here!

Applications close: Wednesday, 14 March

Movie Extra

Event Zero

Event Zero, which won the 2011 Movie Extra Webfest 2.0 competition, will begin production of the web series at the end of March. The show will star Damian Walshe-Howling and Zoe Carides. You can see the trailer that won the comp below.

Begins production: Monday, 19 March


Dancing With the Stars

The first four contestants for this year's season of Dancing With the Stars have been revealed, and they include such "icons" as TV host Kerri-Anne Kennerley, DJ Vogue Williams, singer Johnny Ruffo and AFL player Brendan Fevola. Daniel MacPherson and Mel B will be co-hosting.

Airs: later this year

My Kitchen Rules

MKR will now be airing five nights per week, adding Sunday to its current Monday through Thursday run. This Sunday, the contestants will be heading up to Tropical North Queensland to take part in a challenge based on cooking with the local cane sugar produce (is this show starting to sound like MasterChef to you, too?).

Airs: Sunday to Thursday, 7.30pm AEDST

Beauty and the Geek

Want to make $100,000 by pretending to be extremely dumb/extremely awkward? Apply now to be a contestant in Beauty and the Geek!

Airs: later this year

Cartoon Network

Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens

The completely ad-free premiere of the feature-length Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens will air this weekend on "Ben 10 Day"! It will feature CGI aliens (see below) for the first time ever.

Airs: Sunday, 11 March, 9am AEDST


The Project

John Cleese is on The Project tonight!!!

Airs: Sunday to Friday, 6.00pm AEDST



Foxtel has announced that it is making a modern version of the old Aussie drama Prisoner. FremantleMedia Australia will produce the show, which centres on prisoner Bea Smith's early years in jail. (Prisoner airs on 111 Hits, weeknights, 6.30pm AEDST.)

Shooting: later this year, Melbourne


Revenge beat My Kitchen Rules on Monday night. Good taste, people of Australia!

Airs: Seven, Mondays, 9pm AEDST

What to watch tonight

Snog, Marry, Avoid

This series takes several chavs every week and gives them a "make-under" (ie, scrubs the boatload of make-up off their faces and changes their ridiculous clothes to nice clothes). Sounds interesting, to say the least! Check out the preview below.

Premieres: Eleven, tonight, 8.30pm AEDST

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