Aussies try Dating in the Dark

Hoping that love truly is blind, one of the latest Dutch reality TV formats has been remade for local audiences -- Dating in the Dark Australia.

The original dating show Daten In het Donker, which premiered in 2009, has since been adapted by numerous other regions including the UK, Germany, Finland and France, garnering significant ratings success.

Dating in the Dark Australia will be hosted by former Miss Australia Laura Dundovic, who has made the move from modelling to television presenting. After winning the Miss Australia title in 2008, she undertook a high profile campaign of advertising and promotional work throughout the country and will commence production on the FOX8 series over the summer.

"I'm so excited by Dating in the Dark's fun approach," Dundovic said. "The show is a delicious social experiment which will certainly test a lot of theories about love.

Delicious, eh? Social experiment, eh? Love, eh? Sounds ideal.

FOX8 channel manager Duane Hatherly said "Laura is perfect as our host of Dating in the Dark; she's down-to-earth, a bit cheeky and has a wonderfully unaffected manner and that will be the key to getting our contestants really open up and reveal their inner most feelings and thoughts on the show."

The concept is simple: three single men and three single women move into a light-tight house, in order to form relationships and opinions of each other independent of superficial opinions based on looks and appearance.

Using specialist night vision cameras and cunning production techniques to avoid any light spills, the show is all-immersive for those involved.

Over the course of several days, the relationships develop through a combination of tasks and "'getting to know you" exercises, before each individual has to evaluate the attractiveness of the other participants.

And then -- the big reveal! Will their opinions change once the lights are turned on, or will they rise above looks for the person within?

Dating in the Dark Australia premieres 7:30pm Wednesday December 1 on FOX8.

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It sounds truly ridiculous to me. Some decent drama or a really good comedy would be nice for a change instead of this kind of rubbish. The networks certainly like to save as much money as possible.

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