Australia has Balls of Steel

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Following his work on the successful election specials in Yes We Canberra!, The Chaser's Craig Reucassel has signed on to anchor the Australian version of the successful British comedy series, Balls of Steel.

Balls of Steel is set to premiere on The Comedy Channel next year, which will be a 10-part series, with the show filmed in both Sydney and Melbourne.

"I’m looking forward to hosting Balls of Steel," Reucassel says. "Having other people making fools of themselves will be a great change."

The original series of the program is based around a "candid camera" format, with comedians and performers hitting the streets in order to take part in ridiculous stunts, poke fun at the public or simply to partake in outrageous activities in the name of entertainment.

The studio audience then gets the opportunity to rate each of the performers on the basis of the entertainment level of their stunt, with the winner awarded the "Balls of Steel" trophy.

The British version was one of the highest rating programs on The Comedy Channel, and so it will hardly come as a surprise that the time has come for a home-grown Aussie version.

Popular characters in the UK version include the Bunny Boiler, who flirts heavily with men in the presence of their girlfriends; and the Annoying Devil, who does what it says on the tin -- annoys people.

Which of these characters remain in the Australian version is yet to be seen, but you can check out the British Annoying Devil below:

It's definitely not big or clever, but it sure seems popular.

Will you be watching?

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Sep 06, 2010
If they also put it on free to air