Autotuning Makes Everything Better. Including C-SPAN.

I always knew there was something missing from C-SPAN.


... Listen to The Office's Creed Bratton's new album. No, really.

... Carrie Underwood is guest-starring on How I Met Your Mother on Monday. Here's a preview of her first big acting gig.

... Speaking of guest stars, Kathy Griffin is trying her hand at a serious role on Law and Order: SVU. Here's a sneak peek at what she considers her Emmy-worthy performance.

... Conan O'Brien has joined Twitter. All is right with the world. We're still with you, Coco.

... Check out this interview with Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman, in which he is fully clothed. Unlike he was during this photo shoot for New York Magazine.

... TV Guide made this list of TV's biggest blunders. And yes, they included The Jay Leno Show.

... Apparently, there was a new promo for V during Tuesday's episode of Lost. And apparently the Visitors like Lost. Huh.

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Please stop. This just encourages more autotuning, which we don't need.
The auto-tune news is pretty clever. My son has been watching those for a long time. Thanks for the link to Creed's site. I liked watching the clips.
Meh, slightly amusing for the first half then it took a nose dive
Well obviously they had to include the Jay Leno show. It was a complete disaster.

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