Awkward.: 'Til the Truth Do We Part

Awkward. S02E07: "Another One Bites the Dust"

We fans of Awkward. live for the show's huge moments. Big-time events like a tension-shattering smooch, a torturous high-school pants-wetting or boob photo, or a buried secret that bursts out of the ground. Getting to those points where we gasp and flutter our hands saying "OMGOMGOMG" isn't always the smoothest path, but these payoffs are worth it, aren't they?

"Another One Bites the Dust" was exactly that, a rocky road centered on Ally's wedding that punched us in the face in the final moments when Jake *gulp* learned the truth about the man who had been to Jenna's sacred lands before he had.

After seeing the previews for this episode (a wedding!), I was really looking forward to it. Weddings are fertile ground for people to start off classy and slowly devolve into drunken lunatics who are caught up in the fuzzy feelings of the loved or the misty tears of the unloved, creating an atmosphere where anything goes and everyone regrets it later. This is a perfect situation for the characters of Awkward., as all of them are spread out in the love spectrum.

Unfortunately, there was a bit of a problem with focus to kick things off, and just about everything was about bride Ally. Yes, it's her day, but it isn't her series, and the Bridezilla/Bridesaster act took up a lot more time than it needed to as the episode hurtled toward delivering the goods in the final moment. Ally is on the periphery of peripheral characters, a semi-supporting character who should put central characters in motion rather than taking the spotlight. The antics were fine and I enjoy her character, but it all seemed like filler until the characters we care about more got traction.

And once they did find their footing and Ally toned her shit down, things got very interesting. Lacey's old flame Ben was invited to the wedding, Jenna and Matty had a sweet conversation, and Sadie tortured Tamara by tonsil mining with Ricky Schwartz. Lacey's story was particularly of interest, because for all intents and purposes it was the adult version of Jenna's love predicament, with Ben playing the role of Matty and Kevin as Jake. It was like the ghost of relationships future haunting Jenna, with Jenna giving her mother the exact same advice she should be giving herself, proving that Jenna's situation is one of those problems that's easy to solve as long as you aren't the one in the middle of it.

As for Jenna and Matty's little chat outside the reception, Jenna called it closure, but I got news for you girl, you just kicked that door wide open. Closure means moving on, and neither one of you has. Admitting that seeing each other in new relationships "stings a little" is the opposite of closure, it's picking scabs.

And now to Jake. Oof! Who didn't hold their breath during that entire scene when Sadie spilled the truth to an unsuspecting Jake? Awkward. always handles these kinds of moments with confidence, and Jenna's cheery voiceover paired with Jake's realization that his best friend and girlfriend have been lying to him was that extra little twist of the dagger that absolutely killed us.

This is one of the most nerve-racking "To be continued..."s ever. I can't wait for next week.


– Sorry about no review last week, I was on vacation watching rock n' roll with a bunch of hippies in the hills of Oregon.

– God, I love Valerie. And they did a great job of getting her into the bridesmaid party. There really was no one else free on short notice on a Saturday.

– I know I'm Team Matty, but I give Jake major points for stepping up and telling Sadie to eat Ricky's face in front of Tamara. He really is the "nice guy," but who can deny the Jenna-Matty connection?


1. What was the biggest moment for you in "Another One Bites the Dust"?
... a) Jake learning about Jenna and Matty
... b) Jake learning about Jenna and Matty
... c) Jake learning about Jenna and Matty
... d) All of the above

2. Do you agree with Jenna that she got "closure" with Matty in that convo?
... a) No! They basically just admitted they still have feelings for each other!
... b) Yes, residual feelings will exist. The important thing is they are rooting for each other.
... c) Dude, these two will NEVER EVER have closure.
... d) This is another one of Matty's head games. He's just waiting for the right moment.

3. What do you think of Lacey going after her old flame Ben?
... a) She's practically a single woman. Go get some hottie spit, girl!
... b) Noooooooo! This is unacceptable behavior for a married woman!
... c) Come on guys, it's LACEY we're talking about here. Of course she's gonna go for it.
... d) Let's not villainize her yet, she hasn't done anything! She's emotionally crippled and just wants attention!

4. What's up with Ricky Schwartz?
... a) Dude is a horndog who will hump anything.
... b) He actually sounds like he really likes Sadie.
... c) I would like for him to get with a bus and I would like to see Tamara behind the wheel.
... d) He's kind of my hero, actually.

The correct (a.k.a. my) answers: D (duh!), C (duh!), D, D (come on, it's high school! I hope he crushes Sadie's heart, too)


There was some major movement toward Jake in this episode after everything was said and done, but it's going to be so short-lived that Jake might entirely bounce off the meter, leaving only Matty. Take this week's Jake vs. Matty-o-meter with a grain of salt.

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