Aye, Yay! Watch Sofia Vergara's SNL Promos (VIDEO)

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Saturday Night Live returns from its three-week hiatus this Saturday, with Modern Family's Sofia Vergara taking over the hosting duties (One Direction, who I've never heard of, is the musical guest). As you may remember, Vergara made our SNL hosting wishlist back in the fall. And here now are her promos, in which she teams up with Jason Sudeikis to make many—too many, even!—jokes about her accent.

I'm honestly not sure what to expect out of this weekend's show. I think Vergara's got a lot of potential, but I'm worried the SNL writing gang won't give her much to work with—here's hoping we get to see her play a few characters who don't just rely on the "sexy foreign lady" thing.

Either way, I am excited to see what new girl Kate McKinnon can do.

Are you a Sofia Vergara fan? How do you think she'll do?

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