Back in the Day, Jennifer Aniston Went on a "Date" with Jon Stewart

She brought all of her friends, though.

Here's the skinny on the controversial True Blood nakey-nakey Rolling Stone cover.

Geez, Jonah Hill. You couldn't have shaved your creepy neck carpet before going on a children's program?


... If you piss off a TV writer, your character will get killed off. That's nature, folks!

... Squee time! Here's the two Brits on the Glee set! And here's a shot of them with show creator Ryan Murphy.

... The Jersey Shore guidiots received a shipment of summer essentials—you know, tanning lotion, vodka, condoms, etc.

... There's going to be a Wii game based on The Amazing Race! I hope I can choose Jeff Schroeder as my avatar.

... Okay, I had no idea that Friday Night Lights' Kyle Chandler was in so many other things.

... TV Without Pity made this rather comprehensive list of suggestions for who should be the next Bachelor. Take note, ABC!

... The latest female stereotype on TV is—drumroll please—Mrs. Uptight! (Think The Big C's Cathy Jamison.)

... Christina Hendricks is modeling for her friend's Etsy shop!

... I am so jealous that Hitfix's Alan Sepinwall got to interview Mad Men's John Slattery. Roger Sterling is my favorite.

... This Tumblr is called Pinup RDJ and it's exactly what you think.

... Check out all these sci-fi theme songs slowed down!

... Rod Blagojevich would like to be on Jersey Shore, which makes sense because, like Snooki and Company, he has been animated by the Taiwanese news.

... Bill O'Reilly is against a hookup between Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber. I'm pretty sure the two parties involved are against it, too.

... Here's an interview with Kids in the Hall's Scott Thompson and Kevin McDonald about their new show, Death Comes to Town.

... Martin Short is one of the few people who can make Ellen DeGeneres laugh really hard.

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May 08, 2012
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Aug 23, 2010
and look where they both are now...
Aug 21, 2010
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Aug 21, 2010
Uh, ew. That Rolling Stone cover looks more creepy than erotic. Showing them semi-nude, without the blood spatter, would've been just fine.
Aug 20, 2010
I'd be against it as well.
Aug 20, 2010
Couldn't Bills hand have been a bit lower on Sookie's chest? Now she just looks like a weird naked alien instead of a woman. I have been staring at that picture for minutes now trying to figure out why she looks so dismembered, but I think it's the hand.

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