Back to Awkward.: A Cheat Sheet to Help You Study for Season 3

MTV isn't entirely devoted to cultural exploitation through reality television and the celebration of young women who fail pregnancy tests. The network's promising original scripted programming slate is anchored by Teen Wolf and the surprisingly smart Awkward., the latter of which returns for Season 3 on Tuesday. I'll leave the latest discussion of the shirtless hunks of Teen Wolf to you, but let's take a moment to remember what happened on Awkward. before we go back to school for Season 3.


Awkward.'s second season ended with an the series' big question—Jake or Matty?—answered. Or at least, as answered as possible in the world of a mercurial teenage girl. Jenna chose Matty, thanks in part to Tamara getting hosed out of a school trip to Europe because she procrastinated and Jenna giving Tamara her spot, leaving Jenna to  spend the summer with Matty at the camp where he worked.

So the two are going to get married and pop out babies, right? Wrong-o. Remember, this is Jenna Hamilton we're talking about. The girl is on a constant see-saw of life decisions. And at the end of the Season 2 finale, Jenna sat down with too-cool-to-dance Matty while watching Jake get goofy on the dance floor with Tamara. It was obvious that Jenna wasn't exactly at ease with her decision, as she realized that sometimes what you want isn't what you need. And oh boy, more confusion just in time for Season 3!


Jenna's leftovers fell into Tamara's lap, and the chatty redhead now has her lips locked around Jake's. Jake seemed awfully okay with Jenna choosing Matty over him... almost too okay, if you ask me. And Tamara seemed as happy as can be with her new man and their extended first date to Europe. What will Jake and Tamara mean for Jenna and Matty? And does this mean that Tamara is climbing the social ladder? How will she handle that?


Jenna's mom Lacey and dad Kevin had one of the most emotional moments in Season 2, splitting up after Lacey confessed that she wrote The Letter to Jenna. But the two reunited in the season finale with some shower sex! However, while they were separated, Lacey got busy with her old flame, and that secret's just dying to get out. 


Ming finally found a guy in Kevin, but he's out of the picture. However, Kevin used to date Asian mafia queen Becca, and it seems unlikely that Becca would let their dalliance go unpunished. 


The scary coupling that was Sadie and Ricky Schwartz came to an explosive end when Sadie caught Ricky kissing... Clark. Needless to say, if Sadie wasn't already crazy before, she'll be absolutely institutional now. 


Val is taking her vice principal job VERY SERIOUSLY and is not to be messed with anymore! Though she'll still take any date she can get. 


Season 2 had its share of highs and lows. There were some really fantastic heart-wrenching moments with Jenna and her mother, and "Once Upon a Blog" proved that the show isn't afraid to try different things (with great results). But the Season 2 finale was a big disappointment, and with the episode count pumped up to 20 half-hours this season, will Awkward. be up to the challenge? Thankfully, Season 2 further explored Jenna's circle of friends and the rest of Palos Hill High School, which should provide enough subject matter to soften the stress of a longer season.

returns for Season 3 with back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, April 15 at 10pm on MTV.

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