Bad day at the Bay

Home and Away's golden girl Jodi Gordon was reported missing on Wednesday morning by her long-term boyfriend Ryan Stokes, son of Seven chairman Kerry Stokes.

It is believed that Gordon was in Kings Cross having a night out with the "girls" earlier in the week and has somehow become mixed up with a 29-year-old suspected bikie member.

Police were called to the suspected bikie's home at 5.30pm on Wednesday after they were advised that five bikie members were trying to break into the Bellevue Hill unit. Upon arriving, the police found Jodi cowering in a corner. They spent an hour looking around the unit block for evidence of a break in and looked over the CCTV camera surveillance footage only to find a tape of the apartment owner walking around the building in his underwear.

Gordon and the 29-year-old male have confirmed that they could have been hallucinating after taking a mixture of cocaine and the sleeping tablet Stilnox, which was the prescription sleeping drug that was involved in Heath Ledger's death.

Gordon was seen yesterday lunching with an actor friend in Sydney at Hugos so life seems to be back to normal. However, with many unanswered questions as to her whereabouts and why her boyfriend didn't know where she was, one can only assume her home life right now is far from normal.

Seven programming director Tim Worner said, "Our main concern is for her safety and health. We will make sure that Jodi gets whatever support and understanding she needs at this time."

With Seven's golden girl acting more like Britney Spears it was also surprising to hear that fellow actor, Lincoln Lewis, was caught on the set of Home and Away sharing a home-made sex video with fellow cast members. The mobile phone video was of him and another young TV starlet getting down and dirty. The footage is now believed to have been deleted.

It sounds like the Home and Away stars are trying out a little method acting and it'll be interesting to see if similar stories end up in the script over the next year.

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Jun 05, 2009
Chuck the scripts out and get the cammera crews to follow these people around,bikies and a sex scandal all in one day this seems to be better then the actual show. Home and Away the reality series could be good!!!

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