Bad News, Everyone! Comedy Central Cancels Futurama

No you have not entered a wormhole and popped out in the past, nor have you delivered pizza to I.C. Weiner at a cryogenics lab and reverse time-traveled to wake up in 2003. Futurama has been canceled, again, this time by the network that resurrected it, Comedy Central. The plucky animated comedy ran on Fox from 1999 to 2003 before it was reanimated by Comedy Central in 2007 via a quartet of straight-to-DVD movies and subsequently granted a pair of additional seasons, its sixth and seventh.  

The second half of the seventh season—which will now be the series' final 13 episodes—begins airing on June 19 at 10pm. The series finale is scheduled for September 4, and according to Entertainment Weekly, features WAIT FOR IT a wedding between Leela and Frye (and a lot of gore and death, says series creator David X. Cohen).

While no plans are concretely in place to keep the series going in some form, producers are doing the old "exploring options" thing to stave off death. 

Though it's debatable whether or not Futurama ever reached the creative high of its original run in its Comedy Central revival, there's been no doubt that its ratings are down. In 2011, the series averaged 2.6 million. In 2012, it was down to 1.7 million. 

Reruns of Futurama are still a late-night staple for me, and they always will be. It was a brilliant comedy that blended some of the goofiest laughs on television with some of the most sincere moments ever drawn. The series may be gone for good this time (or who knows, maybe it will return someplace else), but we'll always have "Luck of the Fryrish" and "Jurassic Bark" to remind us how much this show meant to us. Until next time, Futurama. Boo hoo *sniff.*

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