Bad news for Reaper, Aliens

Why must you spite us, CW! The network's Aliens in America and Reaper, two barely watched critical favorites, have been on life support for quite some time now with the CW trimming its portfolio in preparation for this fall. Now the shows look one step closer to being done for good, given that actors from each have found or are looking for a new job for next season.

Adhir Kalyan, who plays Raja in Aliens in America, signed on for a recurring role on FX's Nip/Tuck last week. He'll play a wunderkind doctor who helps out with the plastic surgery at McNamara & Troy.

Earlier this week, word got out that Scott Patterson, who played the frugal and often oblivious father on Aliens and previously gained fame for his role on Gilmore Girls, is currently job searching. E! Online reports that a rep for the actor said that Patterson is "available for a new project next season."

With two main characters of Aliens in America picking up or looking for gigs next year, one of the year's best new comedies looks like it's being deported to Axe-ville.

Things are looking better for Reaper, but not much. The show was recently declared "on the bubble" by The Los Angeles Times, and its star Bret Harrison is using his Web site to get fans to send in socks (after knee-slapping sidekick Sock, played by Tyler Labine) to the network to show support.

Reaper has also lost a cast member--albeit a recurring star. Jessica Stroup has signed on to the in-the-works Beverly Hills, 90210 modern-day spin-off, according to ETOnline. On Reaper, Stroup played Cady, the possible Satan spawn and love interest to main character Sam.

If both shows are on the wrong end of the blade, there will be plenty of up-and-coming talent available for casting. How about combining the two casts for a new supershow? Dan Byrd (Aliens' Justin Tolchuk) and Tyler Labine (Reaper's Sock) as teenage supersleuths? Harrison and MILF-y Tolchuk matriarch Amy Pietz as a mother-and-son team on a cross-country drive? Hilarity is just around the corner.

Or better yet, the CW can just renew both shows and keep television watchable!

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