Bar Karma: Beer and Time Travel, Brought to You by Viewers Like You

Tonight on Current TV (a.k.a. Al Gore's network) is the premiere of Bar Karma. Taking inspiration from the The Twilight Zone, and Quantum Leap, Bar Karma is yet another show about how anything is possible in the wacky world of time travel. But what sets Bar Karma apart is that it’s the first-ever television show to have its plots determined (at least partially) by the public.

Conceived of by the developer of the SIMS videogame, the show will task viewers with coming up with each episode’s plot; fans can pitch ideas via the show's website for everything from background music to major plotlines.

Basically, if you’re a sci-fi-loving, Second Life-living, role-playing LARPer, this show might be your dream come true. Plus, it stars fan-favorite William Sanderson (BladeRunner, True Blood) as the 20,000-year-old bartender of the titular Bar Karma. It will be niche-y for sure, but the fact that how it plays out is open to endless interpretations is kind of exciting. Which makes me wonder: Do you think Bar Karma could change the way we watch television? Would you like to have a say in what happens on any of your favorite shows?

Bar Karma premieres tonight, February 11 at 10pm on Current TV.

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