Barney Stinson's Best Pickup Lines

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Have you met Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris)? He's the resident ladies' man on How I Met Your Mother—and his pick-up lines will knock your socks off. Not to mention your pants. In light of this morning's news that, come March, Jennifer Lopez will appear on the show as a self-help author who tries to put an end to Barney's womanizing ways, we've collected a few of his most legendary come-ons. What up!

5. The Airport Pickup
Barney brings Ted (Josh Radnor) along to pick up women from at the airport.

4. The Ted Mosby
Barney takes advantage of Ted's most depressing moment.

3. The Lorenzo Van Matterhorn
Barney consults his imfamous playbook.

2. The Scuba Diver
Barney references the playbook, again.

1. The Fell from Heaven
Barney pulls off the greatest pickup line of all time.

BONUS: The "Haaaave you met Ted?"
Barney performs a little community service.

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