Bateman, Arnett won't Shut Up about each other

From BuzzSugar:

Jason Bateman and Will Arnett may be sitting down, but they are definitely not shutting up in this new video Fox released to promote the forthcoming Sit Down, Shut Up. The animated series, which premieres in April, reunites Bateman and Arnett with their Arrested Development director Mitch Hurwitz. But if this video's to be believed, they may not be so into the prospect of working together again.

Billed as a classic fight in the Ali vs. Frasier or Frost vs. Nixon sense, the video shows the two Bluth brothers talking trash--hilarious, hilarious trash--about each other. There's commentary on Arnett's hair-hat, Bateman's brainless brain, and even a shocking secret about Arnett's physique. In reality, it's just an excuse to watch these two guys be adorable together--and what, you got a problem with that?

Click here to check out the video!

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