Battlestar Galactica duo coming out of space closet

Battlestar Galactica houses one of television's biggest secrets: Who is the final Cylon? That answer will be revealed when the series continues next year. But now it has another hot secret--which will be revealed sooner. Two of the show's characters will be outed as homosexual before the final portion of season four airs (not-very-significant-to-the-overall-mythology spoilers inside).

The always reliable BSG blog Galactica Sitrep says that the two male characters will come clean in an upcoming series of webisodes due out soon. In fact, fans won't have to wait long; the reveal allegedly comes in the first webisode by way of a make-out session.

One of the gay characters shouldn't come as too big of a surprise: It's Lt. Felix Gaeta (pictured), played by Alessandro Juliani. His lip-locking partner is Lt. Hoshi, played by Brad Dryborough, the communications officer on the Pegasus.

Sci-Fi Channel has yet to announce the premiere dates for the webisodes, but word is they'll hit the Net sometime next month. As previously announced, Battlestar Galactica returns for the second half of its final season on January 16.

So, anyone surprised at the two gay characters? Who else did you think they could be?

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