BBC banks on Lehman Brothers

Having already aired Freefall, a drama about the cause and effects of the credit crunch, the BBC has picked up another recession-related show, this time about Lehman Brothers, the bank some blamed for starting it all.

The fictional-based drama, aptly titled Lehman Brothers, takes a look behind the scenes during the last days of the financial firm, now best-known for being the first bank to buckle in the wake of the recession.

Created by The Queen's Sister's Craig Warner, this one-off show follows the story of the executive heads of the company as they battle to save their business. It also features an all-star cast including Law and Order: UK's Ben Daniels and Spooks' Corey Johnson.

Lehman Brothers debuts on BBC Two later this autumn. Will you be watching?

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The movie has more of a title than you allege, per the BBC Press Office website.

It's called The Last Days of Lehman Brothers.

I just wanna know who'se playing Hank Paulson. It seems to me Cromwell is the right body type for Paulson but maybe too old for the role.

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