Beauty and the Geek renewed

Seven will be hoping good things come in threes as applications open for the next season of its hit reality makeover show.

Following the success of Beauty and the Geek Australia's previous two seasons, Seven is now calling for applicants to compete in a third series.

The Southern Star-produced reality program is focused around creating unlikely partnerships between intelligent yet socially awkward men and attractive but not-so-bright women, and setting them tasks to help them share their strengths with each other.

The men are given makeovers and lessons in social skills while the women receive help on improving their book-smarts, and both must work together to complete various physical and mental challenges.

Like any reality show, there's always laughter and tears, and often a scandal or two. And, of course, there's a big pile of cash waiting for the winning Beauty and her Geek.

Last year's winning couple, Michael Price and Jessie Byrne, took home the $100,000 prize, but they also credit the show for helping them to improve themselves and see things from their partner's point of view.

Michael says, "I learned that looking good takes a lot of hard work and that good looks don't always make life easy for people. Most importantly I learned that confidence and a willingness to go out of my comfort zone will help me achieve much more than I would otherwise ever be able to do."

Jessie agrees the show was a positive experience and encourages girls who are looking for fun self-improvement and the chance to help others to apply.

"I loved how there was never a dull day in the mansion. There was always something exciting going on! I'd do it all over again if I could," she says.

Applications are now open for beauties and geeks aged 18 or over at

But has a point to raise -- after two successful seasons of pairing "geeky" guys with beautiful women, when are we going to see girl geeks being matched up with hot guys?

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The new series of Beauty and the Geek Australia will premiere on Seven later in 2011.

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