Beaver Mom Barbara Billingsley Passes Away

... A melancholy farewell to Barbara Billingsley, the original TV mom. Billingsley wore an apron and cooked meals for us as Leave it to Beaver's June Cleaver. She passed away at the age of 94 on Saturday morning. [NY Times] If you weren't around for the era of black-and-white TV, you may remember her from Airplane!, in the scene below:

... Greg Garcia is fusing his two white-trash comedies My Name is Earl and the new Fox hit Raising Hope by bringing the star of the former into the latter. Jason Lee, who played the mustachioed Earl, will guest star on Raising Hope as Smokey Daniels, a burned-out rock star who plays a festival at the local grocery store. [Fox via press release]

... ABC has announced the return date for V, which always seems to be thrown around the network's schedule on a whim. The sci-fi show last aired in May and will return for Season Two on January 4 where it will be paired with No Ordinary Family. Also announced was the premiere date for Skating With the Stars: November 22! Can you feel the excitement!? [The Live Feed]

... NBC's 10pm shows (Outlaw, The Apprentice, Parenthood, Law & Order: Los Angeles) are collectively doing poorly. Make that horribly. Make that God-awful. Make that worse than The Jay Leno Show bad. That's the phrase I was looking for. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Ed Asner is being revived for a new sitcom on CMT. The 80-year-old actor will play the wacky neighbor in Working Class, about a blue-collar single mom played by Melissa Peterman. [The Live Feed]

... Former JAG star David James Elliot is dropping by CSI:NY for a guest role as the ex-husband of new character Jo Danville (Sela Ward). Right now he's scheduled for an episode but may come back for more. [TV Guide]

... Another Twitter feed is being turned into a television show. Ashton Kutcher has worked a deal with CBS for Dear Girls Above Me, a blog and Twitter feed detailing one man's life as he overhears conversations by bimbos who live in the condo above him. I'm going to start shopping to networks. [The Live Feed]

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