Being Erica Is Back, Really

Our last encounter with Erica Strange felt like a fulfilling farewell: she’d received a promotion, overcome her regrets and finally settled down with her dream guy. What more could a woman want? It’s as if the writers didn’t envisage a renewal and thus tied everything together with a neat, crisp bow. They won’t fall foul to that trap again though. At the end of Being Erica’s second season premiere their lead wisely decides that "no matter how much you learn, grow or change, you’re never done."

Sure, Erica’s life has turned around but now she’s got to help others fix theirs. First up, Doctor (or should that be chief?) Tom. Feeling guilty after his angry outburst he quits, leaving a new time-travelling therapist to push Erica into rescuing him. She’s transported back to a 1990s Coyote Ugly-esque bar, where she offers table-top dancing with a side order of counselling. A messy mixture for our clumsy main character.

The levels of disbelief are still high this season, but that’s to be expected. What’s surprising is the lack of chemistry between Erica and Ethan. Considering how dependant last season was on her undying love for him we’d expected more of a spark between them. Instead, Ethan hardly features in the opening episode and when he does he plays no greater significance than that of a well-defined lamp.

Intriguingly we’re introduced to a completely new male character. He spills coffee down Erica then appears in a vision. Erica couldn’t move on that quickly, could she? International fans already know the answer to this: the second season concluded this spring, and a third is now on its way. British viewers can find out for themselves when the new season begins on E4 at 10pm on Monday, June 21.

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Jun 30, 2010
I wasn't blown away by this episode.

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