Being Erica Moves To Britain

The producers of Spaced are planning a Scottish remake of time-travelling Canadian drama, Being Erica.

Speaking to today, Talk Back Productions confirmed that a UK version of Being Erica is in the "very early stages of development".

Like the original, the British remake (tentatively titled You Again) will centre on the life of a 30-something woman who travels back through time to fix her past mistakes, but that's where the similarities end. The six-part series will be relocated from Toronto to Glasgow and see the leading lady as an NHS worker in the place of a private therapist.

Being Erica first aired in the UK on E4 last year after receiving positive reviews from across the pond. Its second season recently finished on Canada's CBC and a third is looking likely too; main actress Erin Karpluk is said to be "too busy" to film a part in Life Unexpected, and we'd say this means more Erica's on the way.

The British version clearly has a lot to live up to, but with the producers of Spaced and Black Books behind it we're optimistic it'll do well. The creators of Being Erica are expected to have consultancy spots on the show, alongside lead writer Nicole Taylor -- who's already penned scripts for UK shows such as Ashes to Ashes and Secret Diary of A Call Girl -- so a similar standard should be maintained.

Do you think a British remake will work?

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Aug 17, 2011
FYI - Erica is not a therapist - she is a Editor! Do your research people!
Jan 11, 2012
[Sorta not really a spoiler.]

How far have you watched?
Jun 30, 2010
Watch for Season 2 of Being Erica coming to DVD September 14, 2010 - all full episodes, plus tons of bonus extras - deleted scenes, blooper, interviews with Erin, webisodes, plus audio commentary with creator and executive producer - a must for any ERICA fan!! watch for pre-order info at -we ship worldwide, hello USA fans!!
Apr 15, 2010
I'm just waiting for when we'll finally get season 2 on E4.