Being Human: Crazy, Stupid Love

Being Human S02E11: "Don't Fear the Scott"

With last night's episode "Don't Fear the Scott," Being Human continued its trip into ridiculous territory, even for a show about a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost living in the same house together. Last week the zaniness came from Sally's over-the-top Exorcist act, this week, it came from the flip-flopping hearts of Josh and Aidan and their inability to stay broken up with old flames.

Josh is super tight and totally smooch-faced with Julia, now that Nora and her lupine obsessions are out of the picture. Aidan is unable to resist Suren, who has magically transformed into someone who isn't a total nutjob. Let's talk about how horrible both of these relationships are for both of our guys. They're horrible. Holy crap, are they bad. So it's tough to watch Josh and Aidan fall over themselves for both of these women, both of whom are better at banging Josh and Aidan's friends than they are at being the guys' soulmates.

But these terrible relationships did lead to a great double-dinner-date at Case de Monster as the two boys tried to take their 'ships to the next level. When the heck did this show become One Tree Hill with fangs? Anyway, things have been utterly ridiculous for a while so I've just learned to go with it. And when you have a werewolf, a vampire, a vampiress, a woman who slept with the vampire, and a snarky ghost providing commentary in the other room, it's fantastic. Being Human has a knack for dinner-table scenes. Perhaps the show should consist only of Friday-night dinners at the apartment?

After that, the episode took so many turns for the worse that it ended up in Worseburgh, Worselvania. Nora returned, as was plainly obvious, and she showed up at the wrong time: when Josh was rebounding happy. But Josh didn't want none of that, and oddly enough, it was Julia who acted the sanest in this situation by telling Josh that he should take the time to think things over. Later, Nora told Josh that it was purebred Brynn, one of the wolves she ran off with, who was the psychopath (even though the crazy one was clearly Connor but Brynn fit the story better), and that she found out how to lift the curse of the werewolf. All Josh had to do was kill the man who turned him, which I believe is actually a vampire rule if I learned anything from The Lost Boys.

Aidan's new relationship with non-crazy Suren was going great until Mother abruptly (and without a lick of sense) ostracized him from vampire society to give him his "freedom." But that freedom means no free blood, no vampire fixers to clean up any messes, and a little something I like to call "instant death" if he's seen talking to any vampire. So the lovesick puppy dog did what every 16-year-old boy would do and told Suren that they were running away to be vampire lovers on the run, sampling human sangria from state to state. The plan worked great! Until about 8pm, when Suren was so starved for fresh blood that Aidan had to go find her a living, breathing snack. He was betrayed by Henry who ambushed him in a parking lot with a small crew of other stake-armed vamps ready to poke a hole in Aidan, because that's what Henry the Betrayer does.

Meanwhile, after a couple strong episodes for Sally, she was back to watching ghost shows (haha) on television in her PJs. But she learned that Janet (the woman she possessed) went cuckoo and landed in a psych ward, so she set out to make things right. Nora helped her out, Janet was set free, and that in turn helped Sally push out reaper Scott from her life. For now!

Being Human's characters have made so many drastic changes over the course of the season that it's hard to tell what's normal behavior for them anymore. Character arcs are great; it's always fun to see progression with the people we spend one night a week with. But Being Human is just moving its characters from role to role without any regard for their core.

All of a sudden it's Julia who is the sympathetic character and Nora's the bad person? Did Suren take some self-help classes in the last few episodes while she was away? Aidan is back to resisting live feeding when just last week he was draining an unconscious Zoe, plus he's playing fetch for Suren when her tummy grumbles yet doesn't see the hypocrisy in that? Josh, sweet, sweet, Josh, is now barking at Nora rather than talking it out? Didn't he learn his lesson from what he did to Julia? And Henry! Jesus, Henry. At least Sally is back to being Sally. For the time being.

Being Human has gone from promising supernatural drama to soapy fluff with a coat of supernatural paint slapped on it. The show isn't interested in creating meaningful drama, it's only interested in creating any drama. That leads to sloppy writing, bizarre character interactions, and pushing things so fast that viewers don't have time to register what's going on. The series is close to becoming un-salvageable.


– One thing this show does REALLY well is get the little character details right. Sally watching ghost shows is just one example of the tiny things that keep us coming back while the rest of story goes bizonkers.

– So Janet, who only has part of Sally (left behind from the possession), can remember a poem Sally wrote during childhood, but Sally struggles to remember it?

– Seriously, who thought it would be a good idea to have Suren and Julia over for dinner? Obviously it was done for our entertainment and I'm grateful, but not a good idea, Josh.

– Did everyone forget that talking to ghost in a hospital hallway where doctors are walking around makes you look like a crazy person?

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