Being Human "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth" Review: The Ghost Whisperer

Being Human S03E05: “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth”

It was only a matter of time before Daddy Werewolf figured out that Aidan ganked the masculine half of his werewolf wonder twins. How long do you think it'll be until he realizes it was Nora who put down his other pup? I suspect he already knows and he’s just playing mind games because mind games are the best games, especially when the only alternatives are Aidan’s hunger games and Sally’s foolish games.

Actually, no, Sally’s storyline has really, truly benefitted from getting her out of the house and into sunlight and clothes that aren’t also pajamas. She got a job at Max’s funeral home, they had sex in the viewing room, and the ghost of Max’s overbearing mom, Linda, joined the parade of troubled spirits looking to ghost whisperer Sally for guidance. Or, in Linda’s case, not so much. Sally had taken to carrying an iron frying pan everywhere to dispel needy spirits, but Linda had no intentions of moving on. Linda just wanted to stick around and keep her precious baby boy from being deflowered. Forever. OMG WORST HAUNTING EVER.

So along came “naked naughty Sally” with no fear of dear old mom and a supercharged undead sexdrive to devirgin Max and defile the viewing room. I would say that it was a YOLO moment, except Sally has already proven that you do NOT, in fact, only live once. On a side note: Is YOLO still a thing? Is it over? I mean, I’ve only recently started utilizing it at inappropriate times, like while microwaving breakfast burritos and procrastinating on laundry (big fan of the sniff test) and I was always under the impression that only assholes ever said it, which is fine, cuz I am, but I’d HATE to be DATED, you know? #YOLO?

I’m a mess.

SO ANYWAY, Sally tried to exorcise Linda (RUDE) but only because Linda ghost-possessed her first and made her quit her job and hurt Max’s widdle fee fees in the process (ALSO RUDE). In the end, Mommy admitted that she only wanted Max to be happy with his life of supernaturally induced celibacy and I guess they reached a truce and Sally’s now allowed to uh, water his flower whenever she sees fit. Congrats to both (all three?) of you. Considering that all of Sally’s hook-ups eventually end up dead, where do we gauge Max’s life expectancy? Sure, he won’t fall under the unfortunate-encounters-with-Sally’s-former-life clause, but it’s not like Danny survived long after his exposure to Sally either.

Armed with the knowledge that Aidan offed his male heir, Liam met Josh via Nora, was surprisingly only moderately judgey about the killing Ray thing, and reached out to the aimless wolfpack by giving them a purpose in life: to kill that pasty-but-handsome vampire nurse. He even returned wayward Erin to them, which was probably more awesome for guilty-Nora than Josh, who had come to realize that maybe adopting an emotionally unstable were-teen was not the sort of complication their already complicated relationship needed. No marriage talk this week, Josh? I kind of missed it (no I didn’t).

Josh adamantly refused to waste his vampire BFF and waved a pistol around for good measure. He’s so cute when he think he’s being threatening. Not sure what Daddy Werewolf’s motive was in just letting him leave after that little display. Any theories? Given Nora’s stance that Aidan isn’t really that nice of a guy and has probably killed “thousands” of people on his own over the years, not to mention my personal belief that Liam knows she killed Brynn, I’m thinking Papa will appeal to/pressure her to step in where Josh refused to tread. That could be fun. Aidan’s story was lacking a pulse along with its immune system this week and it pains me to say so, it really does, because I’m partial to his storylines. I’ve loved Sam Witwer since (Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen The Mist!) Marcia Gay Harden fed him to that giant praying mantis monster, but ugh, this week, ugh. It’s like all Aidan does lately is dream weird dreams and hallucinate his murder victims—and they aren’t even FUN hallucinations of murder victims.

Being Human North America has moved away from its European roots in the two seasons since its debut, though the parallels are still there—particularly when it comes to Sally versus her BBC counterpart, Annie. Is anyone else who's familiar with the original series beginning to entertain the notion that Aidan is ultimately going the way of Mitchell? Mitchell tried real hard. Aidan tries real hard. But Mitchell was a chronic ne’er do well. Everything he touched blew up in his face. I’m starting to believe that Aidan is the same sort of perpetual f*k-up, which is sad, because it makes it hard to have faith in the guy when you know he’s just going to ruin everything again and again and again.

Bubble Boy is TOTALLY a goner.

What'd you think of this week’s episode?


– Holy crap, it wasn’t a full moon this episode. WEIRD.

– Uh. What exactly is a “cautious swallower?”

– This episode was like, Fake-Out City. You should see my notes. Page 3, Line 1: “Aidan kills the suspicious nurse.” Line 2: “Nevermind.”

– “I know, I’m not special like everyone else in the house.” Look at it this way, Mimi, you’re special BECAUSE you’re not special. Right? Maybe?

– What’s Liam McLean’s angle?

– I think it might have more interesting if Aidan had ACTUALLY killed the suspicious nurse.

– WHERE IS RAY? I don’t even really like or care about Ray, but it’s been WEEKS since we’ve heard from him.

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