Being Human "If I Only Had a Raw Brain" Review: The Donner Family Wedding Party

Being Human S03E11: "If I Only Had a Raw Brain"

Upon discovering that Sally was just days away from decomposing her pretty little face off, Nora realized that Sally is basically her only ladyfriend who is still alive... sort of... and decided to move her and Mimi-Siku's matrimonial shenanigans up to like, tomorrow. Cue the last-minute bachelor/bachelorette parties, complete with lap dances and penis straws. In addition to Josh and Nora preparing to set up their own little werewolf dream house, Aidan decided to get in on the family fun by finally turning Bubble Boy into a vampire baby of his very own. Maybe. Okay probably not, given his run-in with the mutant fugly who was apparently Kat's douchey ex that we thought Aidan killed in his sleep... geez, Being Human, now you're just getting weird. 


Good thing this show excels at being weird. 

Faced with a transplant that might cure him, might kill him, might end up doing absolutely nothing to change his claustrophobic living arrangement, Kenny the Bubble Boy bumped up the timeline on his vampire countdown clock and threatened to either sneak out of his sterile room and essentially condemn himself to a horrible death or call Blake and ask her to turn him (and essentially condemn himself to a horrible death) if Aidan didn't fulfill his end of their deal and make Bubble Boy his fledgling. Aidan grumbled, but eventually decided to go through with it.  Given the housemates' disastrous track record with picking up stray monsters, as highlighted by Josh, Bubble Boy's chances for surviving the season were in the toilet long before Aidan's mutant bastard baby spent half the episode lurching around like a leprosy-afflicted stalker. I'm betting the Vampire Lest-yuck is some sort of unfortunate result of all the werewolf blood coursing through Aidan's veins, like an improperly vetted miracle drug that is later discovered to cause horrifying birth defects in the offspring of its users. 

And considering the Official Aidan Look of Sorrow and Regret Over Poor Decision-Making, which he flung in the freshly turned Bubble Boy's direction after his little encounter, I'm thinking Aiden made the connection, too. 

Nora and Josh, who took the death of Awesome Pete a lot better than I did, went their separate ways for their respective pre-wedding adventures. Padlocked into her bedroom under Nora's own orders, Sally and Nora shared wine coolers and talked hairstyles during the saddest bachelorette party ever. Josh and the guys and his sister took a more traditional route, hitting up the strip club... where Emily arranged for her stripper girlfriend to give Josh a lapdance on the house. 

Surprise vampire stripper! No cake required. Aidan staked her because Aidan carries stakes now, and there was much angsting and talking about feelings and an awkwardly bad attempt on Josh's part to extend an olive branch to his sibling—who'd just watched someone she cared about get stabbed to death BTW—by trying to make her understand that Aidan isn't a bad guy. He's just a vampire. Staking other vampires? Its just a thing that happens. Like being gay. 

Uhhhh. No. But good effort! Sorry your hairy condition alienated you from loved ones. Again. 

Also: least-climactic reveal of a Big Secret ever. I'm not that bothered by it, actually. With only two episodes left in the season, Being Human still has quite a bit on its plate. We really don't need to get into Josh's werewolf woe just yet. Confident, accepting, non-whining Josh is kind of awesome. He was totally pumped to go make Donna the Soup Kitchen witch give Sally her soul back... except her soup kitchen seems to have vanished into thin air. 

Ray is back, though! Granted, we all figured he was doing exactly what he was revealed to be actually doing—grunt work for Donna—but it's still nice to have all those months of whining about his absence answered. 

Armed with a book of spells (probably spells, right?) the she got from of Alanna the Friendly Exorcist, Sally prepared to do battle with Donna by preparing for her second death and making peace with the individuals in her second life. By individuals, Being Human means Max, who continues to be totally okay with everything that happens ever—whether it involves dating a reanimated corpse or caring for his reanimated corpse girlfriend or the inevitability of his reanimated corpse girlfriend developing a taste for human flesh and deciding to bravely limp through her bestie's wedding, surviving on vampire flesh before letting herself rot so she can go open a can of whoop-ass on Soup Kitchen Witch. 

I sense some badass Sally in our future. Love badass Sally. 

What did you think of this episode?


– Sally called Nora and Josh "the hope for the future." Gag. 

– I was expecting to see more adverse reactions to eating vampire abs. Then again, I guess the undead should be ranked higher on the almost-zombie food pyramid than the actual dead. 

– What do you think the future holds for Bubble Boy?

– What's up with Mr. Mutant? 

-- I'm still not convinced the Josh/Nora wedding will actually happen. Are you?

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