Being Human "One Is Silver and the Other Pagan" Review: All Dogs Go to Heaven

Being Human S03E07: “One is Silver and the Other Pagan”

Ladies and gents, we have now reached the portion of the season where our characters seem to sleepwalk through the plot until something cool happens—like Sally’s scalp starting to rot off! (Gross! Awesome! Grawsome?) It’s a problem that seems to crop up every season. Being Human starts out great and I’ve enjoyed the previous two seasons’ cliffhangers quite a bit, but getting from point A to point B tends to involve trudging through a lot of muddy storytelling.Even though Aidan’s entire arc is defined by the vampire flu, it hasn’t felt like an immediate threat in weeks. Playing house with Josh and Nora has been a long, boring trip interspersed with bouts of bickering and hand-wringing. Thank goodness we have Sally.

I tried to muster up some give-a-damn when Daddy Werewolf smothered pain-in-the-ass Erin, but I pegged her for a goner as soon as Aidan stuck her head through the wall. She basically entered this story so that Nora would have some poor damaged soul to project all of her woe-is-my-life crap on. To hate Erin is to hate Nora. To find a flaw with Erin is to find fault with Nora. Nora has been projecting so hard for weeks that it’s difficult to remember exactly how much of Erin’s identity was her own and how much of it was merely suggested by Nora the Headcase.

Nora’s anti-vampire stance mirrors Liam’s so closely that I can’t help but consider the possibility that she bought into the race loyalty blah blah with the same desperation as her mini-me. They both dwelled on their craptastic family lives and it’s not hard to believe that the tight “family” Liam claimed to be able to provide appealed to both women—even if Nora’s family didn’t seem nearly as nightmarish as Erin’s was implied to be. Nora’s always been more okay with the werewolf thing than Josh, and truthfully, showed much more remorse over eating fellow wolf Brynn than she did when she murdered her abusive human ex that one time. To be fair, he WAS an ABUSIVE human, but still. Given all the insinuations about Josh being an outsider and just not “getting it” now that he’s no longer a werewolf, Nora’s dark side is becoming more pronounced. At least last season she had the decency to be unnerved by her violent tendencies. This season, she’s very pro-wolf in a way that goes beyond making peace with her situation and goes alllll the way to drinking the Kool-Aid, making more, and getting really pissed when no one else wants to chug, chug, chug.

Ugh. Nora. WTF? I used to like you. I think.

But at least we still have Sally! For now. Girl is definitely starting the sad, slow slide from hot to hot mess, and through it all, Meaghan Rath has actually been really funny—not that I ever doubted she could handle humor. I just didn't really consider it. That doesn’t sound any better. WHAT I MEAN is, Sally hasn’t had much comedic action in the past and it’s nice to laugh with her. She’s fully aware of how bizarre her situation is and she’s willing to make light of it in a way that she understandably wasn’t when she was a ghost.

With that in mind, I’m dreading Sally’s inevitable return to sad, miserable, dead girl. But in the meantime, she appears to be slowly returning to rotting corpse status and it’s horrifying, but also hilarious. Loved the scream. Loved the interaction with the two creepster ghosts at Wiccan Housewife Club. Loved Sally’s take on the difference between zombies and... whatever she is. Loved “post-traumatic witch stuff.” I even loved seeing Bridget again even though I initially groaned when Sally tracked her down because the girl just got on my last nerve back when she was dating douchebag Danny. Every week, I’m increasingly thankful for Sally’s storyline this season since those of her two housemates are increasingly agonizing to sit through.

So, Aidan has a ladyfriend in Kat because, sure, why the hell not? He also has a new nemesis in Blake, who I like to imagine was tracked down by Bubble Boy on a Twilight message board after Aidan shot down his dreams of vampirism last week. Blake almost sucked her new foodsource dry as soon as she met him, but Kenny was a good sport because she promised to turn him into a vampire when he turned 18. Blake reached out to Aidan with the old join-me-and-we’ll-rule-Boston-with-an-iron-fist routine, a proposition that he epically smacked down with the Aidan equivalent of a “Bitch, please.”

Aidan once more tried to appeal to Bubble Boy’s humanity by telling him about how vampires inevitably eat everyone they love, but Kenny is super sick of living in a glass case (of emotion) and so he didn’t really care. Then Aidan pointed out that vampires and their “children” have special bonds and Blake wasn’t the sort of vampire Kenny should be bonded to for eternity. As soon as Kenny said “She’s my only choice,” Aidan boarded the baby-vampire-makin’ train. This story is really making me miss Smexy Henry just for the sibling rivalry awesomeness we could have had if he was still around when Aidan turned Kenny. Instead, we get more power-hungry-crazy-lady-vampire stories and Aidan trying to date a human without killing her when bloodlust and actual lust collide. Yawn.

But it's cool. With Blake giving Liam the 411 on “purebred killer” Aidan (in so many words) and Nora’s righteous rage set to go into overdrive with Erin’s murder, those two storylines seem poised to finally have a sense of urgency. In the meantime, will someone please find Sally some headgear to cover that gaping wound in her scalp?

What did you think of this episode?


– Werewolf Mimi-Siku is gearing up to ask Nora to marry him for reals. Finally. Except I kind of don’t care anymore.

– Was there a single Nora scene in this episode that DIDN’T feature her giving someone the stink eye?

– Any guesses regarding Bubble Boy’s life expectancy?

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