Being Human: Sally and the Purple-Color Dreamworld

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Being Human moved onto the second-part of Sally's bifurcated mental state last night with "Dream Reaper," and it was pretty clear that all filters were given the week off. The episode was verifiable nutso from top to bottom, featuring an alternate house in purple, blood tears, and mind melds. But most importantly, it featured Sally (Meaghan Rath) in her underwear. (My prayers have been answered.)

As I stated last week, I wasn't too thrilled with the reveal that the Reaper that had been pressuring Sally into joining his business of ghostbustin' had been in Sally's mind all along. Perhaps it's my rock-solid mental stability or the fact that we've seen that so many times before that threw me off. "Dream Reaper" closed, for the most part, Sally's struggle with schizophrenia with an hour that worked at times, was Punk-ing us at other times, and was downright silly at other times.

While knocked out on the stairs surrounded by salt (and tape, better work on that next time prop department), Sally imagineered an entire world in her head where she was getting engaged to the non-existent Reaper in a black-white-and-purple version of the roommates' house. Seeing Sally with a legitimate smile and in new clothes (panties! Hee hee!) for a change was great, but mostly these kind of stories don't feature a real threat because in the end you know they'll snap out of it. We just check our watches and wait for it to happen.

The real action took place in the real world, where Josh and Aidan were pretty desperate to kick some consciousness into sleepy Sally. To help crack that nut, they called on ghost whisperer Zoe, who didn't know what she was getting herself into. Sensing a threat, the Reaper (who is Sally, right?) poltergeisted the windows and doors shut, locking everyone inside at what ended up being a very unfortunate time. There was a clever use of ticking clocks in the episode: a full moon (because there's one three out of every four episodes) was ready to rise in hours and turn Josh into a hairy killing machine, and Aidan was coping with a serious live-feeding hangover and felt his chompers grow everytime he glanced at Zoe's supple arteries. To recap, the apartment was full of an about-to-change werewolf, a relapsing vampire, a woman who reincarnates ghosts into babies, and a ghost with a split personality. This show! I tell ya...

The freak outs got more and more intense, reaching a crescendo when the boys told Zoe that Sally murdered her ghost boyfriend and hit the peak of that crescendo when Aidan began feeding on an unconscious Zoe that was mind-melding with comatose Sally and reached the zenith of that peak of that crescendo when Aidan was convulsing on the floor with blood coming out of all his face holes Ebola-style after trying to feed off Josh the werewolf. That may be the most ridiculous sentence I've ever typed. Like I said, this episode was N-U-T-S.

At some point, I just had to go with it and ride the wave of zaniness because there was no use fighting it. And as Aidan lay there on the floor twitching, Josh jumping up and down panicking and trying to make a werewolf kennel out of a refrigerator, and Zoe squirming on the stairs because the Reaper was choking her in the dreamworld, Sally realized she was "dreaming" and snapped out of it, letting all the air out of the balloon. It was the easy way out of the mess, but what did we expect? But her time with the Reaper isn't completely done, as a little part of him will stay in her just waiting for her to drop her guard. In other words, it's a good way for the writers to be able to bring him back at any time when it serves a purpose or they get stuck.

"Dream Reaper" was one of those late-mid-season rough patches that most series go through as they try and connect dots to ramp up near the finale. It rarely worked, yet somehow still managed to be entertaining. But again, the takeaway here is that we saw Meaghan Rath in her underwear.


– Not sure if fantasy IM chats from a vampire in the real world are a sign of the times or just an effective lazy way to convey that someone is trying to talk to you.

– Aidan was ridiculously weak-willed this episode. Yet other times he doesn't have a problem. I'm sensing selective inconsistency here.

– OMG YOU GUYS! Sally in her underwear!!! Might have to screen cap that stuff and print out a poster for my office "Babes of TV" calendar that also includes Alison Brie, Sarah Shahi, and Mark Harmon.

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