Being Human Season 3 Finale Review: Honeymoon Crashers

Being Human S03E13: "Ruh Roh"

With all the flashbacks to Aidan's family from the colonial days and its sad little demise at the hands of the unenlightened drown-the-witch-ask-questions-later types they were stuck with for neighbors, I got the distinct feeling that we were supposed to be sympathetic to his plight with the mutant Bubble Boy—and Kat, who, for all of her understanding of Aidan's general weirdness, wasn't quite able to overlook the dead body up in Sally's room. Just a thought, Aidan, but maaaaaybe you should bury your roommate's rotting corpse before hosting a booty call in your house of horrors. Like, just as a general rule. Between Sally's body stinking up the joint upstairs and Kenny still chained up and unconscious in the basement, there was really no way for Aidan and Kat's tryst to not end badly, you know?

Then, of course, things just went from bad to worse because "Ruh Roh" was the season finale and that's just how the cookie crumbles before it gets reanimated as a zombie cookie next season and we explore new and exciting ways to blow its chocolate chip brains out. 

So where did our trio of undead/dead/canine creature features end up? Let's review.

Roofie Madness with Aidan Waite


I get it. In Flashback Land we witnessed our tall, pasty, and handsome housemate lose his family, and when history threatened to repeat itself, he did everything he could to avoid Sucks To Be You, Part 2.  But bro, brainwashing your girlfriend to make her forget about the rotting corpse she found in your spare bedroom? Really? That's pretty skeevy. That's like rohypnol levels of skeeve and the fact that Aidan had to make a deal with frenemy Blake—who I'm sure will be more than happy to use his indebtedness to her to screw him over at some point in the future—just about confirms that. 

Then there was the sad, lonely fate of Bubble Boy, who turned out just as fugly and monstrous as we assumed he would once the werewolf wonder drug's adverse effects were found out:

Liam tried to kill him because he wanted Aidan to experience the pain of losing a son. In all the excitement, Bubbles noshed on Nora and and it was awkward. Aidan decided that for the safety of Boston, Bubble Boy had to die, and let's face it, immortality kind of sucks when you look like the Elephant Man and have to spend it locked up in a gross basement. At the last minute, Aidan changed his mind and cast his mutant offspring into the wild, because forcing the freshly made baby vampire who doesn't even have the luxury of blending into the crowd to fend for himself without so much as even an orientation booklet is so much kinder. 

Can't wait for Kenny to come back and eat Kat. Really hope he brings LALALA-so-not-dead-CAN'T-HEAR-YOU Henry along for the vampire vengeance road trip. 

Josh and Nora: Dog Eat Dog?

Papa Purebred crashed the remote honeymoon suite and went off his usual werewolves-are-better-than-everyone-else tangent, and if we ignore that part where he locked Josh and Nora in a pen with a bunch of defective vampires, seemed to be taking everything rather well. He even got all creepy and clingy about Josh and Nora being a pack and Josh carrying on his super special purebred bloodline. 

Sure, Liam tried to kill Aidan and Kenny, but eh, his logic was sound. Instead, Aidan ended up killing Daddy Werewolf once and for all, dashing any chance for Josh to kill Liam and ditch his monthly cycle for good. Again.

Luckily, Josh was kind of okay with it. He romped in the woods with Nora, planning their Alaskan dream honeymoon and maintaining his very zen, Pete-fostered attitude about spending the rest of his life carrying his "curse." I'm willing to bet that peace and acceptance flew out the window the following morning when we learned that unlike Nora, Josh failed to return to a human form when the sun rose. He also may have eaten Nora as the credits flashed (though I wouldn't count on it.) Bad dog. Or good dog, if you're among those waiting with baited breath for Sucky Nora to breathe her last breath. 

Drag Sally to Hell


We also got nosy Sally making snide commentary while one of her roommates tried to get a little somethin' somethin' and emo-but-tolerable Sally apologizing to her own corpse for not exploring all of her options in the category of eating human flesh. Maybe she could have eaten terminally ill people? Maybe she could have become a cannibalistic Batwoman and eaten criminals? We'll never know. 

Also, unfortunately, Sally's awesome powers of spontaneous combustion weren't entirely hers to enjoy, but rather a side effect of taking Donna down. She and Donna were stuck together like glue in the aftermath of Donna's somewhat temporary defeat last week. Donna let Sally have her fun, then shoved her down the stairs in a mockery of her first death and dragged her through a metaphysical hole in the floor to what I'm assuming is Hell because Sally just can't catch a break. 

All in all, "Ruh Roh" was a strong ending to a season that had its share of ups and downs. It was exciting, which was welcome because sometimes this season was rather boring, and it set everyone up for some interesting changes when/if Being Human returns for a fourth season (it hasn't actually been renewed yet). Can't ask for more than that!

Well, actually, I would have liked more poltergeist Sally, but I'll cherish what we got. 

What did you think of Being Human's season 3 finale? 


– Who was that woman the camera focused on during Aidan's walk through the city at the end of the episode? It went so fast I don't think I got a good look, but my first thought was that it looked like his wife? Maybe?

– If it was Aidan's wife, who we all saw die a watery death back in the 18th century, More soup kitchen necromancy? Has she been alive all along? Is the woman a descendant of Aidan's (after all, as far as we know, his son survived) who just bares an incredible resemblance to poor dead Susanna?

– So, was Sally dragged to Hell? 

– Are the mutant vampires going to continue to be a problem moving forward?

– Did Josh eat Nora? 

– Do you HOPE Josh ate Nora?

– Besides Josh possibly eating Nora, what would you want to see in a fourth season of Being Human?

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