Being Human: The Truth Hurts

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Being Human S02E12: "Partial Eclipse of the Heart"

In the end, it didn't matter how they got there, all that mattered was they got there. "Partial Eclipse of the Heart," the penultimate episode of Being Human's fairly flat second season, featured plenty of madness instigated by an uncontrollable force or out-of-left-field plot device (depending on how you look at it) that led to the season's most satisfying finish. Well, satisfying for the most sadistic among us, not for our heroes. Being Human loves to stomp all over its main characters, and all three ended up with size-13 Doc Marten boot treads all over their mugs last night.

Things started off as normal as they could for a werewolf, vampire, and ghost. Aidan survived the vampire ambush that last week's episode ended with, thanks to Henry backstabbing the other would-be assailants and then front-stabbing them with stakes. Josh had to come face-to-face with his worst enemy: Julia's best friend! And Sally was trying to reconcile with Zoe after she super-murdered Zoe's ghost boyfriend, Nick.

But then the moon jumped in front of the sun (smarty-pants scientists call this an "eclipse") and everything went topsy-turvy. Apparently our supernatural friends still have a lot to learn about being dead/lycanthropes, because both Sally and Josh were caught off-guard when the celestial happening caused weird events. For Sally, all the ghosts she shredded during her time as the one-woman Insane Ghost Posse reappeared in the same place they were shredded. For Josh, it meant an unexpected and unplanned trip through werewolf puberty.

The eclipse was a blessing and a curse for Sally, who used the opportunity to let Zoe have one last goodbye with Nick, the most sensitive ghost in all the afterlife. He wears scarves, for chrissake. Sally teleported to her crib, where Nick would be, faster than Zoe could bus there, so she got to ask Nick all the pressing questions (Where did you go? What happens after you're shredded? Is that scarf on sale at H&M;?) before Zoe showed up. And the answers to those questions were not good. Ghosts that get turned into green dust head to Limbo, where they're stuck, where they can see but can't see, where they wait for eternity with unsavory types. It sounds like the DMV (1980s standup comedian joke alert!).

But Nick, oh sweet Nick, he did something that made my heart explode. Zoe entered the room and got a chance to say goodbye to her ghost boyfriend (remember, Sally killed Nick without Zoe knowing). Rather than tell Zoe, "Hey! That bitch be crazy and she killed me and sent me to the Ghost DMV!" he lied and told her how things were awesome, which put Zoe at peace and made her cry happy tears. It was a bittersweet ending, because while Zoe thanked Sally for giving her the chance to say goodbye to Nick, Sally knew that Nick is somewhere sandwiched between two 300-pound slobs who smell like old bologna while employees who don't speak English call for person number three and Nick holds number 532,685,185. At least that's my experience at the DMV. Zoe told Sally, "Nick is okay, so I will be too. Thank you," while tears soaked her face. Eeek! That look on Sally's face at the end: guilt. So sad, but point goes to Nick who did the right thing for his boo.

Meanwhile, Josh was on the road to forgiveness with Julia's friend Chelsea, who was understandably protective of her friend after Josh literally (not literally) ripped her heart out and threw it into a ceiling fan where it comically sprayed blood all over the visiting British consulate and splattered against a wall with a thud. That is, he really screwed things up for her. Chelsea told Josh that if there's anything else he was hiding, he'd better tell Julia now because she's all in and any more bizarre behavior would kill her (not literally, except actually literally). Josh had already been thinking of doing this because Josh's maker Ray told Josh that Ray was able to repair his life with his family when Ray told them he was a werewolf. Two people telling Josh to do so was enough to get him to do it, so he was about to get the words out, when wouldn't you know it... he started to get all hairy and fangy and clawy. Nice timing, eclipse!

Josh immediately ran out of the restaurant because there was a no dogs policy, and Julia ran after him thinking her doctor skills could help out his appendicitis or explosive diarrhea or whatever it was that made him clutch his gut and double over in pain. Josh eventually got backed into an alley, and in one of the most stirring scenes of the whole series, turned around midway through transformation to face Julia and show her the truth. Naturally, she was horrified, and naturally, she walked backward into the street, and naturally, she got hit by a car. (Note to TV: Someone needs to come up with a new way of having characters get unsuspectingly hit by cars. The walking backward into traffic idea isn't doing it for us anymore.) Josh fled the scene, because, you know, he's a werewolf and all.

Later, with the eclipse come and gone, Josh returned to find Julia sitting on the sidewalk, which I thought was odd because she should've been getting medical attention seeing as how half of her face was covered in blood. And that's when she eye-pointed off camera and we saw Julia's real body, dead. Ouch. Julia's ghost door to the afterlife showed up, and Josh, in shock and with eyes all red, told her to go. But Julia couldn't leave without telling him one hard-to-swallow but important-to-know truth: "I loved you enough Josh, you just never believed it." Double ouch! This had to be the worst break-up ever. All Josh had to do was tell her the truth back when they were engaged, and she would have been cool with it. But then again, if Josh did that he would never have woken up next to Nora naked and covered in dirt and blood, so I guess that's a wash. Side note: I never want to see Josh sad again. I'm still crying (on the inside) from seeing that. Way to reach into my chest and squeeze, Sam Huntington. Great acting work.

But what about Aidan? Aidan doesn't care about eclipses, he's seen like a billion of them in his lifetime. Instead, he had to deal with Suren, who was acting more and more like a spoiled six-year-old girl every day and was jonesing for some human to use as a juice box. Aidan decided to call in a favor (or blackmail) from the Dutch and new leader Hadley, asking for refuge until Mother stopped being so pissed-off. Aidan used his knowledge of Hadley's cowardice as leverage to get his way, but after some really poor negotiating from Aidan (you had the upper hand and now you have to fetch them breakfast?), Aidan went to get Suren... and she was gone. She went back home to Mother because she's not cut out to be anything but pampered. Good! Suren is totally lame now.

Now we're set up for a finale that... well, I don't really know. Obviously Aidan has to have some sort of confrontation with Mother, but Suren totally isn't worth it so I'm not sure I approve. Previews of next week's episode indicate that Josh is going to hunt down Ray to get rid of the curse, presumably because his being a werewolf ruined Nora's life and ended Julia's. And Sally could try to figure out a way to save all these ghosts from Limbo, but that seems like an awfully big task to tackle with just one episode left.

Penultimate episodes always make for the best television, and "Partial Eclipse of the Heart" supported that. This was the best episode of Being Human in a long time.

– Sally has an interesting tactic of getting someone to do something for her: She annoys the crap out of them!

– Even Henry told Aidan, "Is Suren really worth it?" Answer: no. This relationship was never sold well.

– Ha! Teen Josh went wine-tasting and said the glass of water had hints of nutmeg and honeysuckle. That's so Josh.

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