Being Human "Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland" Review: A Not-So-Modest Proposal

Being Human S03E08 “Your Body is a Condemned Wonderland”

Uh-oh. Sally isn’t looking so hot. That unfortunate hair-loss incident went a step further this week with the scalp rot spreading to Sally’s forehead like the worst case of undead poison ivy ever and speaking of poison ivy—do you think the rot itches? I know, slightly off-topic, but that was my primary concern during most of Sally’s sort of awesomely gross storyline this week. And brains. Nautical Nick ate a stray cat to reverse his deterioration, so he theoretically COULD have eaten a brain already. Sally moved on from potato chips to raw hamburger and I’m still waiting for that mouse-swallowing routine that’s been teased in pretty much every promo since the beginning of the season. If she’s swallowing those babies whole, V-style, then there’s DEFINITELY a brain in there somewhere. Being Human has entered the zombie apocalypse. Sort of. I mean, a mouse brain isn’t exactly a human brain, but we have to take baby steps. Sally and Nick are still people enough to feel shame over their icky eating habits, but we’ll get there.

In the meantime, precious adorable little Max came to the rescue with his makeup bag that is bigger than mine and slathered some heavy-duty corpse foundation all over his decomposing ladyfriend’s head. He actually took the corpse girlfriend thing pretty well and only bailed when flu-stricken Aidan and his (once again) werewolf-in-shining-armor stomped through the living room in a bloody mess and Sally refused to share secrets that didn’t belong to her. Aww, poor Sally.

Poor Sally. Poor Aidan. I’d say poor Josh, but eh, human Josh kind of sucked and then he went ahead and proposed to Sucky Nora anyway so full disclosure here: I totally cheered when Daddy Werewolf clawed him during Operation Save Aidan’s Ass. My only regret is all the angst we’re gonna have to wallow in as he comes to terms with being a werewolf again.

No one cares about your problems, Mimi-Siku. Except Aidan, who was totally willing to confess to killing Connor AND Brynn, in order to clear Nora’s name of whatever suspicion Liam may have had and give Josh and Nora the fabulously boring lives they’ve always dreamed of...

...or at least that Josh has always dreamed of. I’m increasingly incapable of figuring Nora out except that she’s crazypants and very good at constantly playing the victim. I mean, her entire conversation with Liam about how she wished she had a dad who loved her was, well, it was bullshit. Nora’s daddy issues might have worked better as a sympathy card if we hadn’t actually met Nora’s family earlier this season and seen how, while they aren’t exactly the Cleavers, it’s not like Nora’s actual father was beating her senseless and making her sleep in the cabinet beneath the kitchen sink every night. The Seargents were incredibly average—the low side of average, sure, but all-in-all, pretty normal. I’m sorry you got an emotionally stunted crabass for a father, Nora, but let’s stop pretending you and Erin had anything even remotely close to the same home life. Her parents were meth heads. METH. HEADS.

Now, if we wanted to emphasize Nora and Erin’s mutual crappy taste in men, then maybe that whole “WE ARE ONE” mentality might have worked, but we’ve already exploited Nora’s awful exes for werewolf storyline fodder sooo... I don’t know. I just want Nora to stop talking.

Do you think she’ll even feel bad when she finds out what Aidan did for her? I think probably, if only because the writers desperately need something to make her likeable again if they intend to go forward with the Josh/Nora marriage plot, but I’m so over her, you know? I hate when a character is so mishandled that I don’t even care enough to push for a redemption story. Josh, Aidan, and Sally tend to make their own messes through their insecurities, which is a very human trait and adds another layer to the meaning behind the series’ title and I THINK that’s what the intent behind Nora’s actions was in her quest for the perfect family and latching onto Erin as a troubled-but-fixable mini-me. I just don’t think it was done very well in Nora’s case. A lot of pieces were forced together and they didn’t all fit very well. Nora failed to come off as particularly sympathetic as a result. If the entirety of her motivation is shaped by how horrible and abusive and miserable her life was growing up, then we need to actually see it, otherwise she looks like an ass. Sure, there are more subtle forms of abuse than your standard physical transgressions, and maybe that’s what Being Human was going for in Nora’s case, but the execution just wasn’t there.

So, Sally is probably dying and Mimi is back to actual werewolf status. Things are returning to status quo over at that creepy awesome house in Boston. With Aidan infected with the vampire flu courtesy of Liam and supposedly on the fast track to certain permanent death, I think this is a prime time for there’s-no-way-he’s-actually-dead-Henry to sweep in and save the day, yes? Maybe? Are we ever going to get to the bottom of that story?

And what about freaking RAY?

Whatevs, I’m just excited this series found its pulse after the snoozefest of the past two weeks. What did you think of this episode?


– So those hallucinations of Aidan’s dead girls are actually ghosts of dead girls? WHY? And why NOW?

– Josh “almost spilled future generations” looking at the master bath in that house he and Nora totally can’t afford. Lol, dirty.

– Aidan and Kat are kind of adorabs. When she said she had an ancestor who fought in the revolution, I was hoping it would be someone Aidan knew (it can’t ACTUALLY be him because he slaughtered his family or something, right?), and I’ll never forgive Liam for interrupting them. Nope. Never. I just want them to geek out over reenactor costumes and stuff!

– How do you think the rest of the season is going to play out?

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