Being Human's Fantastic Finale Secures a Fourth Season

Last night’s terrifying Being Human finale left us ready to kill for more, so we're thankful BBC Three has already renewed it for a fourth season. But what how will it look after last episode's shocking twist? Well, for starters: "series four will see the aftermath as the housemates return to their home in Barry Island" and they'll be "new faces" among the cast.

Look away now if you’ve not seen the season three finale because we're about to recap and there's a huge, hairy spoiler to discuss! We tuned in to see if Stacey from EastEnders’ wolf-shaped bullet prophecy would come true. And it did! But not in a way anyone could have imagined.

So what will become of the trio-turned-quartet-turned-trio? Will Mitchell, who we saw crumble into CGI ash, find a way back to Barry Island and his fellow paranormals? Can dead vampires put in for a transfer to ghost status? And, most pressingly, how many more chairs will have to die in order for the remaining housemates to kill off those extra-specially malicious Older Ones? Has anyone else noticed how, every time a vampire needs murdering, there’s a flimsy piece of furniture nearby sporting conveniently stake-like wooden legs? For added believability, perhaps they should set series four’s fight scenes in Habitat.

But back to yesterday’s splendid finale, which was a blood, sweat and tears smoothie. Herrick finally remembered that he’s evil and so, to celebrate, locked Mitchell and George in the big dog-fighting cage. Elsewhere, Nina’s super-restorative body made short work of her kidney stab wound and she was soon back at home puckering her mouth disapprovingly and stroking her prematurely distended wolf baby stomach. Annie, meanwhile, sobbed non-stop but retained enough gumption to journey back to purgatory and have it out with Lia.

The only thing missing from the last episode--barring a flash of his buttocks post-mortem--was Robson Green’s excellent angry werewolf, McNair. But pretty much everyone else was present for the finale, which threw out enough craggy cliffhangers to build a new Dover. The biggest and ugliest was, of course: what will become of Mitchell? Surely, there’s no coming back from THAT. But then, if the next series airs minus its dark, brooding star then half the show’s lady fans will abscond.

Then there was the last-minute introduction of elder boss, Edgar Wyndham (Lee Ingleby). Presumably, he’s the lethal hook upon which season four will dangle. Wyndham may look marginally less threatening than an anaemic field mouse but all that macho boasting about how he’s considerably more evil than Herrick was pretty convincing. I’ll look forward to a full breakdown of his plan for world domination in a year or so.

Meanwhile, anyone with a thirst for decent supernatural drama will have to fallback on the tail end of True Blood’s misfiring third season. Which, to use a vampire analogy, is about as satisfying as week-old hamster haemoglobin. Roll on more of Being Human’s freshly squeezed A-negative.

What did you think of the finale?

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