Ben Affleck creates a new American Revolution

Hollywood star Ben Affleck is writing a pilot script called Resistance, a fictional story about a US that's divided into separate countries after being attacked by terrorists. The series will follow a group of citizens that begins fighting a war to reunite the un-United States.

Affleck's previous forays into television have included the contest/reality show Project Greenlight, in which hopeful filmmakers were tasked with writing and directing their first movies, and the short-lived drama/interactive game show Push, Nevada. He also won an Oscar, along with actor Matt Damon, for writing the screenplay to the 1997 film Good Will Hunting.

Affleck has also been in the news lately for another reason: his wedding to, and expected baby with, Alias star Jennifer Garner. The two actors met while filming Pearl Harbor, and romance blossomed on the set of Daredevil. Recently, they wed in the Caribbean and are now expecting a baby in January.

Talk about productive!

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