Ben Elton lands Live From Planet Earth

With a new variety show coming to Nine next year, we wondered who else deserves their own Tonight show.

Comedian and writer Ben Elton has a new live comedy series coming to Nine next year.

Update: Live From Planet Earth premieres 9pm Tuesday February 8, 2011 on Channel Nine.

Live From Planet Earth will be a studio-based variety show hosted by Elton with sketch performers, guests, comedians, comedy music acts and international stars.

The announcement indicates that Nine is returning to a live variety show. The network certainly has a long history of glorious variety shows including The Don Lane Show, In Melbourne Tonight, Midday, The Mike Walsh Show and Hey Hey It's Saturday. Some might argue that The Footy Show is variety with a football. Shane Warne is even getting his own cricket chat show, Warnie, for summer.

Elton, who is based in Western Australia since marrying an Aussie, has a razor sharp sense of humour, as evidenced by his writing for The Young Ones and Blackadder along with his novels Stark, Popcorn and Dead Famous.

"It's the ultimate great night out, but we bring it to you," he says. "No babysitters, no designated driver, no dodgy take-out on the way home. Just smart, high-energy live entertainment with plenty of attitude. The audience, the performers and our guests will all play a crucial role in the fun which, uniquely for an Australian prime-time entertainment show, will not feature either sport or cooking. It's a radical concept I know, but you're just going to have to trust us on this one."

Since the end of Rove we've seen very little movement in the chat show genre. So that got us to thinking ... who else would we like to see hosting a chat show?

Here are our nominations:

Adam Hills
"Hillsy" is the ultimate nice guy, with a legion of devotees across several demographics. Tune into Spicks & Specks anytime and you'll find it isn't the questions that has you hooked, it's the rapport he has with his guests and the ability to relax them into sharing great anecdotes.

Shaun Micallef
The anti-Tonight show host, he's had a few attempts already but was ahead of his time. Now the audience understands his sense of humour better since the broad hit of Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation, the time is ripe.

Julia Zemiro
The RocKwiz host is a funny gal who is quick with the comebacks, and has handled plenty of live events in the corporate world, as well as RocKwiz Live and Eurovison Song Contest for Australian audiences.

Tony Martin
We're loving his one-on-one chats with celebs on the ABC's A Quiet Word with..., and it just reminds us of what we're missing. While he might not be perfect for a broad audience, he is one of the smartest talkers on the box since the exit of that other bloke he is often mistaken for, Andrew Denton.

Eddie Perfect
He sings, he acts, he writes, he has it all in spades. Whatever Eddie does next will be left of centre. A Tonight show for Gen Y perhaps?

Hamish and Andy
You know you want to.

Who else would you like to see hosting a Tonight show?

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Feb 03, 2011
Love Ben Elton - very deserving of his own show! I'll be watching on Tuesday.. I'd also love a whole hour of Adam Hills!