Best cameos on Australian TV

Thanks to Glee, cameo appearances are hardly a foreign concept in the current television landscape.

Cameos often pop up when a show's popularity is flagging and a bit of excitement is needed to recapture the audience and attract new viewers. A well-placed pop star or international comedian can often result in a significant ratings boost -- something Australian TV is no stranger to.

Here are the most memorable cameos to grace Aussie screens.

In 2007, Little Britain was the biggest and best new comedy from the BBC, becoming a huge success in the UK as well as the United States and Australia.

Stars David Walliams and Matt Lucas are both self-confessed fans of legendary soap Neighbours, so while the comedy duo were touring Australia, the producers capitalised on their huge popularity and roped them in for a cameo.

Although they had no dialogue, the pair performed a sketch as their well-known characters Lou and Andy in the background of an unrelated scene.

The Little Britain appearance was particularly tongue in cheek, whereas other cameos seem a little more ... incongruous.

Here is Michael Palin of Monty Python fame, on Home and Away. Palin is widely regarded as one of the best comic actors of his generation, and this is the best that the production team could come up with?

The scene, with Home and Away stars Emily Symons (Marilyn Chambers) and Norman Coburn (Donald Fisher) was filmed during the same time as Palin's hugely popular travel documentary Full Circle.

Neighbours has a timeless pull for the Brits, who have always turned to the Melbourne-based soap for their dose of Australian sunshine.

Pop singer and wannabe actress Lily Allen gave a star turn in a stilted interview on the soap, complete with lecherous flirting by Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher).

Thankfully, the scriptwriters were sensible with this star turn, and quickly had Lily take to a microphone and entertain the expectant crowd with her own brand of entertainment.

Australia's very own pop princess Kylie Minogue is not above a bit of self-parody either.

In the mid-Noughties, when the popularity of suburban housewife comedy Kath & Kim was at its peak, Kylie appeared in the season finale, complete with perfect bogan tones and a ravishing perm.

Not afraid to acknowledge her roots, Kylie embraced the reference to her career-launching role of Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours from 1986-1988.

Kylie's star turn in Kath & Kim as Epponnee-Raelene Kathleen Darlene Charlene née Craig garnered ABC's highest ratings for 2004.

Martin "Marty" Sheargold, is best known for his stand-up comedy and successful radio programs, which he has co-presented with high profile radio stars such as Fifi Box and Meshel Laurie.

His cringe-worthy performance in hit comedy The Librarians raised some eye brows, but with the show scheduled for a 2011 return, his cameo can't have done too much damage to the show!

Did we miss anything? What are your favourite cameos from Australian TV shows?

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Feb 01, 2011
I liked it when Batman had that cameo on Kingswood Country.

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