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Best of 2013: Which Shows Would You Nominate for "Best OVERALL Series"?

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It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but before you put on your turkey-eating pants, would you mind trying on your voting pants just to see how they fit? The end of the year is closing in fast, and as is our wont, being a "website" on the "internet" and all, we'll be saying goodbye to 2013 with a blowout voting extravaganza. 

We're already hard at work compiling this year's ballots, but before we set them in stone pixels, we'd like your help in selecting the nominees for some of the major categories!

Like, say, the "Best Overall Series" competition: Which (current) TV shows, new or established, do you think deserve a nomination? Let us know by voting in the poll below—here are the basic rules:

1. The only criteria is that the show aired in the U.S. in 2013.

2. This poll will remain open until Tuesday, November 26 at noon Pacific time. 
3. Note that you can write in any potential nominees you don't see listed, at least until we get tired of cleaning up ineligible entries and close the write-in option. You've been warned!!!
4. We'll guarantee a spot on the ballot for the winning show. 
5. Don't forget to check back in early December to find out who made the cut and vote for your favorite!'s BEST OF 2013: Who do you think should be nominated? Vote Now:

Best New Series | Best Overall Series | Best Actress | Best Actor

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