Best of 2013: Who Would You Nominate in the Comedy/Drama "Best Actress" Categories?

As you may've already heard, we're preparing for Thanksgiving by peeling lots of potatoes and stocking up on elastic-waist pants deciding on the contenders for our end-of-the-year "Best of 2013" awards, and we want to know who YOU would like to see nominated in the major categories. And now it's time to battle over who deserves a nod for "Best Actress."

We've combined the comedy and drama categories into a single post, so make sure your voiceclicks are heard in BOTH of the polls below. We'll take the top vote-getter from each one and add a few picks of our own to create the final ballot, which will be out in early December. Here are the basic rules: 

1. The only are that the actress appeared on a program that aired in the U.S. in 2013, that she acted well, and that she is a she.

2. This poll will remain open until Tuesday, November 26 at noon Pacific time. 

3. Note that you can write in any potential nominees you don't see listed, at least until we get tired of cleaning up ineligible entries and close the write-in option. You've been warned!!!

4. We'll guarantee a spot on the ballot for the winning actresses. 

5. Don't forget to check back in early December to find out who made the cut and vote for your favorite!'s BEST OF 2013: Who do you think should be nominated? Vote Now:

Best New Series | Best Overall Series | Best Actress | Best Actor

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